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Mengfei Comes Across 萌妃駕到 [2018]


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In the later years of China’s Sui Dynasty (581-618), Wen Lou takes up the imperial crown. Protocol dictates that he may keep a group of concubines at court, so his royal advisors select a number of women from high-profile families for the task. Among their number is Bu Meng , the daughter of a notable civil servant who dutifully serves the imperial family. But not everyone wants to be an imperial concubine – least of all Bu Meng!


She does her utmost to avoid having to spend any time with the Emperor, contriving to avoid him whenever possible. Eventually, she finds unlikely friends among the other concubines, whose number includes a blubbering bag of nerves, a highly trained martial arts expert and a wily woman with plenty of street smarts. Still, Bu Meng is determined to spend as little time as possible with the Emperor. Irked by her behaviour, one day the Emperor picks a quarrel with her – and is surprised to find that she gives as good as she gets when she’s in an argument. He finds himself strangely drawn to her feisty personality and resolves to win her love. Will romance bloom for this unlikely couple? Or will Bu Meng avoid the Emperor’s affections until the end of their days?



Chinese name: 萌妃駕到 (Méngfēi Jià Dào)
English name: Mengfei comes across
Genre: Comedy, drama, historical, romance
Episodes: 36
Director: Zou Jicheng
Broadcast Network: Youku
Broadcast Period: 8 juni 2018 - [] [] 2018


Based on the novel by author Lian Qiao.



Gina Jin as Bu Meng (萌妃)
Jiro Wang as Wen Lou
Xia Yiyao as Consort Yan (言妃)
Han Jiunuo as Qu Wanwan (曲嫔)
Mi Na as Noble Lady Xiao (骁贵人)
Liu Guanlin as Liu Jinyan
Zhang Haiyu as He Qiliao
Zhou Bin as Bao Qu
Liu Weisen as Cai Taixian
Jia Qingru as Noble Consort Ru (如贵妃)
Chen Dexiu as Bu Yue
Chen Jiayan as the Empress Dowager
Tang Mengjia as Yan'er
Yang Yunqi as Chunping
Chen Yao as Pu Liji
Chi Ningning as Chen Yuanxi
Yu Siyuan as Concubine Zu (足嫔)
Wu Jingjing as Concubine Wang (王嫔)
Zhai Lin as Noble Lady Yi (伊贵人)
Li Jiawen as Xiaobai
Ma Ding as Noble Lady Xian (嫌贵人)
Huang Zixi as Su Ruan
Zhang Hengyu as Lüliu
Tang Hao as Fuxi
Qu Aohui as Zhen Shishuang
Gao Yuqing as Wu Weiyong

Airing sites:
VikiYouyou Television Series Exclusive (official YT channel)


Rakuten Viki, Wikipedia, IMDB

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