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My Fair Princess 还珠格格 [1998, 1999, 2003]


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Season 1

In 18th-century China, the Qing Dynasty’s Emperor Qianlong rules the land. The Emperor is unaware that he has a 17-year-old daughter, named Xiazi Wei, who was born after he had a brief fling with her mother. Xiazi Wei is determined to meet her father and travels from her provincial home to the Forbidden City in an effort to seek him out. However, gaining an audience with the Emperor proves far more difficult than she expected. But Xiazi Wei refuses to give up hope and remains in the capital – where she one day meets Xiaoyan Zi, a streetwise orphan girl. The girls become firm friends and hatch a plan to meet the Emperor during a hunting trip. However, their plan is thwarted when Xiaoyan Zi is injured by an arrow fired by the Emperor’s son. The Emperor finds Xiaoyan Zi, and mistakes her for his own daughter, taking her to the Imperial Court. Will the truth out? And will Xiazi Wei ever be able to take her rightful place in the palace?



The year is 1760. Princesses Xiaoyan Zi and Xiazi Wei are adored by Emperor Qian Long. But things are about to change for the young girls. The Empress dislikes both of them, and plots to turn the powerful Dowager Empress against them. Both of the princesses are from poor backgrounds, and she instantly takes a dislike to them. Meanwhile, the princesses meet the lover of an Uyghur chieftain at a restaurant. He explains the sad tale of his love for the Uyghur chieftain’s daughter – explaining that she has been sent to become the concubine of Emperor Qian Long. The young women resolve to help the chieftain’s daughter and succeed in sneaking her out of the palace. However, when the Emperor learns what has happened, he sentences them both to death in a fit of fury. With help from their friends, they escape the palace. But the scheming Empress wants rid of them forever, and sends a band of deadly assassins after them! Can the princesses escape the deadly threat – and might they one day return to the Imperial Palace?


Season 3

At the frustration of Yong Qi's lack of heir, the Grand Empress has made Yong Qi marry another girl so that he may produce a son and maybe one day become the emperor. Xiao Jian, Xiao Yan Zi's brother is in love with Qing Er, but he has a grudge with the emperor for killing their parents many years ago. Since Qing Er is a popular person in front of the Grand Empress, her marriage is within the empress's hands. In order for them to be together, Yong Qi must marry the other girl. Yong Qi chose to be the hero and sacrificed himself so that Qing Er and Xiao Jian could be together. What is worse is that the nation bordering China is going into war and Er Kang became drafted. During one of the big battles he loses his memory and falls for another girl. Will Er Kang return to Zi Wei? Will Yong Qi fall for his second wife?



Chinese name: 还珠格格 (Huánzhū Gége)
English name:  My Fair Princess
Genre: Drama, historical, romance
Episodes: 112 (divided into 3 seasons: 24, 48, 40 episodes each)
Director: Sun Shu-Pei, Li Ping
Broadcast Network: CTV, Hunan TV
Broadcast Period: 1998 - 2003

A remake has been made in 2011, combining all 3 seasons. This entry is only about the original version, for the remake click here.



Season 1 & 2
Zhao Wei as Xiaoyanzi
Ruby Lin as Xia Ziwei and Xia Yuhe (Season 1)
Alec Su as Yongqi
Zhou Jie as Fu Erkang
Zhang Tielin as Qianlong Emperor
Fan Bingbing as Jinsuo
Dai Chunrong as the empress
Zhao Lijuan as Consort Ling
Li Mingqi as Wet-Nurse Rong
Lu Shiyu as Liu Qing
Chen Ying as Liu Hong
Wen Haibo as Fu Lun
Liu Fang as Fu Lun's wife
Xue Yan as Xiaodengzi
Li Nan (Season 1) as Xiaozhuozi
Liu Wei (Season 2) as Xiaozhuozi
Yu Mengjie as Mingyue
Liu Fangyu (Season 1) as Caixia
Li Bingqiao (Season 2) as Caixia
Julian Chen as Fu Ertai (Season 1)
Zhang Heng as Princess Saiya (Season 1)
Liu Dan as Ji Xiaolan (Season 1)
Zhang Wei as Fu Heng (Season 1)
You Long as E Min (Season 1)
Liu Wei as Liang Tinggui (Season 1)
Wang Yi as Baleben (Season 1)
Miao Haojun as Sai Wei (Season 1)
Zhu Jinglong as Sai Guang (Season 1)
Ai Yang as Dongxue (Season 1)
Dong Wei as Lamei (Season 1)
Yang Dong as Cailian (Season 1)
Zheng Jiaxin as Du Ruolan (Season 1)
Zhao Minfen as the empress dowager (Season 2)
Wang Yan as Qing'er (Season 2)
Liu Dan as Hanxiang (Season 2)
Zhu Hongjia as Xiao Jian (Season 2)
Mou Fengbin as Mengdan (Merdan) (Season 2)
Chen Yifang as Weina (Season 2)
Zhong Xiaodan as Jina (Season 2)
Yin Wei as Ali Hezhuo (Ali Khoja) (Season 2)
Xu Fulai as Shop-Owner Du (Season 2)
Wang Hong as Shop-Owner Du's wife (Season 2)
Hu Yasi as Xiaogezi (Season 2)
Zhai Yuerong as Wet-Nurse Gui (Season 2)

Season 3
Huang Yi as Xiaoyanzi
Ma Yili as Xia Ziwei
Leo Ku as Yongqi
Zhou Jie as Fu Erkang
Wang Yan as Qing'er
Huang Xiaoming as Xiao Jian
Ti Lung as Qianlong Emperor
Jiang Qinqin as Xia Yingying
Qin Lan as Chen Zhihua
Liu Tao as Princess Musha
Jiang Lili as the empress
Zhao Minfen as the empress dowager
Chen Li as Consort Ling
Qiao Chen as Wet-Nurse Rong
Wen Haibo as Fu Lun
Liu Fang as Fu Lun's wife
Zang Jinsheng as Meng Bai
Zhai Yujia as Xiaodengzi
Zhang Tong as Xiaozhuozi
Gong Yan as Mingyue
Du Minhe as Caixia
Jia Yunzhe as Dong'er
Li Yaxi as Zhen'er
Fan Rui as Cui'er
Deng Limin as Minister Meng
Wang Weiguang as Fu Heng
Su Sheng as Chen Bangzhi
Li Qing as Chen Bangzhi's wife


Airing sites:

Viki (season 1)Viki (season 2)Viki (season 3)


Rakuten Viki, Wikipedia, MyDramaList

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