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Scarlet Heart 步步惊心 [2011]


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After a terrible car accident, 25 year old Zhang Xiao travels from modernday China back to the 18th century. She is incarnated as one of her previous lives, that of 16 year old Maertai Rouxi, the daughter of a Manchu general, during the Qing Dynasty. When attempts to return to her life in the future fail, Rouxi tries to adjust to her new life in the court of Emperor Kangxi but soon becomes entangled in the princes’ struggle to succeed the throne. With her modernday knowledge, Rouxi toys with history in her romances with the Eighth Prince, Yinsi, and Fourth Prince, Yinzhen, while sharing the confidences of the 13th prince, Yinxiang. Will Rouxi be able to return to her modernday life or is she destined to live out her life in the past?



Chinese name: 步步惊心 (Bùbù jīngxīn)
English name: Scarlet Heart 
Genre: Drama, historical, romance
Episodes: 36
Director: Wu Jinyuan
Broadcast Network: Hunan Satellite TV
Broadcast Period: 10 September 2011 - 29 September 2011



Cecilia Liu as Zhang Xiao / Lanlan
Chai Wei as Zhang Xiao / Lanlan (child)
Nicky Wu as Yin Zheng
Zheng Wei as Yin Zheng (child)
Sun Yizhou as Kang Sihan
Bian Chen as Kang Sihan (child)
Jiang Jinfu as Kang Siyu
Damian Lau as Kang Zhentian
Huang You Ming as Kang Zhentian (young)
Chen Xiang as Huang Di
Ye Zuxin as Jack
Yico Zeng as Ling Dang
Cai Yatong as Mo Xiaohe
Gan Yu as Zhang Zejiang
Ye Qing as Meng Xinyi,
Zhang Jiang as Zhou Yue
Annie Liu as Ma Yinuo
Yin Zhuzheng as Yin Chenggui
Zhao Chulun as Han Qing
He Yin as Zhao Lan
Wu Li as Qiao Qi
Wang Zhifei as Yin Chengyi
Deng Limin as Liu Donghai
Da Li as Wang Tiecheng
Cecilia Liu as Qin Yuzhen
Gu Yan as Meng Yinan


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Rakuten Viki, Wikipedia

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