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Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们 [2020]

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bxGlgI1.jpgEditor: @stroppyse


In a high school crush gone wrong, LuJia did something stupid and was caught red-handed.  This was then later coupled with some misunderstanding which further drove a wedge in between LuJia and JiaXiu.
They went their separate paths, but then were reunited again when LuJia decided to quit her high profile job in the city and move back to work in the town she grew up in. They were lucky enough to be given a second chance to clear up their misunderstanding and forge a future together.
This drama shows the reality of how many of us can make some stupid mistakes when we are younger and full of impatience. Also, up to a point, we sometimes have to be selfish to protect our own interests. In this case, JiaXiu ends up hurting AngYang, a friend who is more like a brother and later on his business partner as well.
The best parts are actually the ending of each episode where the director shows some scenes that further show what happened in the drama, for instance the true reaction of JiaXiu showing that he had actually liked LuJie’s confession,  It was almost as if seeing their true inner thoughts. The drama also carried the message that if you’re in the wrong, then you should just admit rather than trying to push the blame onto someone else.
Plot/story: 7/10 – it’s a light hearted story about clearing up the misconceptions that LuJia and JiaXiu have, though there were some draggy parts. One thing that I didn’t really admire was LinZhi who is JiaoJiao’s old schoolmate. However the reason that I rated the story plot as only a 7 is because of Father Lu and the relationship with an English teacher. LuJia had hinted many times to her father that  she would accept her father having a new relationship, but the the ending which had a marriage  between her father and the English Teacher was treated too loosely for me.  I would actually have loved to see a scene where Father Lu introduced the Teacher to LuJia formally instead of always hiding the Teacher as if she was an embarrassment for him.
Cast/acting: 8/10 – Loved how Tang XiaoTang acted as a jealous boyfriend and and a selfish friend who hid the letter so that AngYang couldn’t together with LuJia. Sun Qian played LuJia perfectly in my eyes. With her chemistry with Tang XiaoTang, I yearn to see them in another series together.
Production value: 8/10 – Loved the 2 level building of the shop that they have as their office. It was pretty simple, and had a little homey feel to it when they needed to camp at the office overnight due to project datelines. Also, the hotpot shop where they always went to eat, even assuming that is one of the sponsors for the show, was pretty good looking.
Re-watch value: 8/10 – When i’m in need of some cheering up, they sure are a happy cast to look at, with a light, fun story. 



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