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Romance in K-Dramas


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A discussion about how romance is utilized and depicted in K-Dramas with @abs-oluteM and @40somethingahjumma!



Recorded in September 2020 with facilitator @stroppyse.


Dramas briefly mentioned include: Hospital Playlist, Prison Playlist, Flower of Evil, Healer, Once Again, A Gentleman's Dignity, My Ajusshi, 365: Repeat the Year, Record of Youth, Strangers, and more.


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Im your fan @40somethingahjumma :wow: always love to read your posts. My experience in drama is so short but I stumbled on Its Okay to Not Be Okay & loving your insight in it. I know also twitter circle of iotnbo respect your points much!! So please keep doing what you love:heart:

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@bairama Thanks for your comments dear. Lovely to hear from you. 

It's always fun to talk about K dramas and it's helped keep me sane during this time of Covid restrictions.  :lenny:


I hear that you've been unwell and is on the road to recovery. All the best!

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"Love is not an affectionate feeling but a steady wish for the loved person's good as far as it can be obtained." -- CS Lewis.

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