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Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君! [2020]

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O3jMLQe.jpgOne believes in destiny and one doesn’t. However what ShiMeng isn’t aware of is that no matter how much he may not believe in it, it is destiny that ties him and FangYan together. FangYan had a traumatic past, an incident when she was 5, which tied her to ShiMeng.  However when they bump into each other and are reunited, one didn’t know the other till later towards the end of the drama.
It is ShiMeng who helps FangYan again, this time to cure her of her habit of sleep walking whenever she is given a fright.  FangYan, in turn, will be the person to bring about justice for ShiMeng's father who had disappeared when ShiMeng was 7 years old. However this is all mix up in misunderstandings when FangYan mistakes the person who had cured her of her sleepwalking as ShiYi, ShiMeng elder brother.
Plot/story: 6/10 The plot is a little draggy, and I didnt like that the antagonist never actually gets her punishment for how she would always make FangYan fall into a lapse and start her sleep walking. This point is overlooked by most viewers.


However, they do give a proper ending to ShiYi and ShiMeng’s father.


Cast/acting: 7/10 LuoZheng did great, and, honestly I would had really been glad to see him getting the girl for once which of course unfortunately didn't happened. Ma MengWei has good chemistry with both LuoZheng as ShiYi and Ao RuiPeng as ShiMeng.  She was able to project the different chemistry that she has with both male leads, where one is as a friend and the other as someone who she slowly develops feelings for.
Production value: 6/10 They honestly need to get a better coat for the assistant, it looks drab on him! Though I love the small setting of FangYan's shop which overlooks the street.


Re-watch value:  5/10 Not a drama I will re-watch, however there are parts of it that are pretty cute and interesting.

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