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Xi You Liu Li Wa 昔有琉璃瓦 [2022]

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zk8tVQp.jpgChinese title: 昔有琉璃瓦 Xi You Liu Li Wa
English title: Xi You Liu Li Wa
Genre: Romance
Director: Tian Yu
Broadcast Date: 



Yukee Chen as ShaoXue

LinYi as Zheng SuNian

Kevin Yan














Shao Xue and Zheng Su Nian are both children of craftsman working to preserve the Forbidden City and grew up in the same street. However eventually with the passing of their parents and demolition of the old city, they eventually separate due to differing paths. Inspired by her mother, Shao Xue refuses to give up on her limitless future for love and decides to leave her hometown. On the other hand, Zheng Su Nian chose to inherit his mother's expertise and became a conservator, gaining inspiration and energy from the cultural relics. The two of them reunited with the arrival of the Olympics.

(Source: DramaWiki)


Official Sites:


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