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[Rule Change] Embed Instagram Content


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Hello, Havenites!


As we went along building our website, we have forbidden the use of embed Instagram content since our launch due to two  lawsuits in the United States in regards of sharing original copyrighted content - putting a risk to members of our community.


As of today, we are now authorizing the sharing of embed content from Instagram on JangHaven.


On September 21st 2020, Facebook has updated their terms of agreement in the use of their products including Instagram. They have also announced publicly and released a tool of Rights Manager empowering content creators to protect their pictures, including those embedded somewhere else.


This creates a precedence for content creators. They must be aware that such feature exists. If they are sharing their pictures through their social media platforms without applying this security measure, they are held personally responsible for their own sharing settings.


For more info: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/09/helping-creators-and-publishers-manage-their-intellectual-property/


Thank you for your patience and understanding!



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