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Shockwave 2 拆彈專家2 [Upcoming HK Movie 2020]


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A series of bomb explosions have been occurring in Hong Kong, causing fear amongst the public. Former bomb disposal officer Poon Sing-fung (Andy Lau) fell into a coma at a crime scene injured in an explosion and becomes top wanted criminal after the police suspects of his ties with the criminal organisation, Vendetta (復生會). After waking up from his coma, Poon was interrogated and imprisoned. Poon escapes from prison in order to investigate the truth and prove his innocence. On his lonely and helpless road, Poon enlists the help of his comrade in arms, bomb disposal officer Tung Cheuk-man (Sean Lau). However, the two fall into a conflict of black and white as Tung must choose between justice and friendship. Tung decides to choose the latter and assists his friend. At the same time, Poon's ex-girlfriend, Pong Ling (Ni Ni), who is now the chief inspector of the Counter Terrorism Response Unit, desperate to discover the culprit behind the series of explosions, persuades Poon to come in contact with Vendetta to find out this mysterious organisation's next terrorist move and prove his innocence. Poon realises that exposing the truth is just as challenging as disposing explosives, risking his life as he races against time.



  • Andy Lau as Poon Sing-fung (潘乘風), a former Bomb Disposal Officer of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Bureau (EOD) who becomes a top suspect of a terrorist attack after falling unconscious from an explosion.
  • Sean Lau as Tung Cheuk-man (董卓文), a Bomb Disposal Officer of the EOD and Poon's comrade in arms who assists his friend to prove the latter's innocence.
  • Ni Ni as Pong Ling (龐玲), Poon's ex-girlfriend who is the chief inspector of the Counter Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU).































“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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