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Professional Singles 我凭本事单身 - 2020 [Spoilers]

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Editor: @stroppyse


A simple youth story of two individuals, one who wanted to change her focus from sculpting to oil painting and the other who was determined to be a good sculptor. Somehow thru various hits and misses, both individuals who weren't looking for a partner ended up falling for each other and working together to save their university sculpture division from being closed down due to lack of enrollments.


Love every single scene between YuanQian and QinShen. Also, the subplot is very interesting with both individuals’ roommates trying their best to set the two of them up.  QinShen is always indirectly looking out for YuanQian. He is almost always there for her despite not being asked; he always appears whether he is needed or not.
From the beginning, QinShen has always been firm and direct with LingWei who harbored a one sided love for QinShen. He has been upfront with her that he doesn't like her, no matter how hard she tried to put herself in his path, even though she even goes to the point of being friendly with YuanQian once she notices how QinShen’s attention always wander towards YuanQian.
The closure was really good. Would definitely love to see another collaboration between the whole cast. Now, I'm back to watching this again with my mother since they are just starting to air it on our daily TV channel.


Plot/story: 9/10

Very good pacing, no draggy parts in the middle, and misunderstandings are resolved pretty quickly. The story lines are your usual story lines for a youth drama, though I loved the fight between the classmates and how it was resolved.  They had a good lecturer, too, who knew when to push and when to let go. The parents’ supports are rather sparsely shown in between the main plots even though it was pretty well established that QinShen's mother disapproved of him being a sculptor, and YuanQian's parents are against her switching streams, too.


However it shows perseverance from all the students as a whole, and how they all team up and resolve their misunderstandings as well. A pretty simple and nicely done youth drama in my eyes.
Cast/acting: 9/10

Good casting! From the leads to the supporting roles, all of them really mesh up well, and the second leads don't pull attention away from the main cast.  Instead, all of the supporting roles managed to make the main cast look good as well as standing out themselves so that they make you remember them no matter how small the roles they play.
Production value: 8/10

Good art props, and they stick to realistic designs.
Re-watch value:  9/10

When I’m bored with nothing to do, or in need of a cheer up, this is definitely one of the youth dramas I will fall back on. I have re-watched it almost 5 times on my own, and now I'm watching it again with my mom on the television :heart:

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