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Fractured [2019]

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Review (Non-Spoiler)


Now, Fractured. Indeed by its name, there are many reasons that I could relate this title to the movie during the course of me watching it twice. (I really love this movie) It’s all about what the mind thinks. What comes up first is what our brain would think but it might not be the actual meaning and or situation. You see, this movie brought us a lot of twist and turns. We could be thinking about this then later on the director will throw us off and then we will be led to another plot point and another possibility. This story provides enough anxiety for the audience to sympathise with the character for a moment before it makes us regret doing so, but nonetheless this brought enjoyment on a different perspective.  We here talk about this guy called Ray Monroe, based on the trailer, his daughter Peri has ‘Fractured’ her arm. Thus they are in the hospital and she got to do some CT scans.  Nothing scary eh? Not until Ray finds out that not only his daughter, but his wife went missing in the hospital. 

This is when it fully sets the story, you as an audience will watch how he is going to defy all odds of people not believing him and how he will save his own precious, while at the same time witnessing his past. This movie taught us about what we want to choose to believe over what is actually happening. The balance between two sides, what will you choose? What will he choose? The visual aspect from the movie is very entertaining as the show also provide us with subtle hints that provides a direction of what we think the movie is getting on. The stunning visuals of symmetry is awesome. One thing is for certain, right off the bat, Ray himself, the way he is directed, the way he moves, really puts on some red head lights on me. It feels off, but nonetheless his performance overcomes the weirdness that is lingering in my head.


The only thing that I would complain about this great movie is that damn, those cops are so worthless in the movie. Haha though I for one knows exactly why they were staged like this, but I just feel that what makes it better and more realistic is, if we have an actual fighter cop and not just “On the fly” Cop which means they are just doing their job and not going all out for it. 

This story itself feels questionably predictable but it doesn’t put you off instead it keeps you going for the entirety of this story. If you are interested in psychological thriller movies, I suggest you watch this show and have a fun time brainstorming on what is the ending. 

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Review (Spoiler)

Due to the spoiler nature, this review will be placed the in the spoiler



Where to begin, so many things happened in this movie which I love so so much. Today I will give a little insider information if you are kin to know. Hehe. So let’s begin! So this story start us up with Ray, Joanne and Peri Monroe in a car. The two parents are doing their own family feud while Peri at the back is just bopping away with her own toys. As her device depleted of batteries, they stop at a pit stop to get batteries and for Peri to go the loo. Then all hell breaks lose. Right at the beginning I already guessed that Ray was the one who murdered them and hid their bodies. I mean...Let’s be honest here, we know that Joanne is those kind who would fight with Ray on everything about Peri. Judging from her personality, I don’t think she wouldn’t not complain or hit him had he push her away. So right off the bat because of that, I knew something is up. 

Because of the factor that I knew he is fishy, I continued on. I love that he is always in the middle like a outcast. Example, doctor be talking to Joanne and he is standing in the middle. You will feel and know that it doesn’t feel right. It feels like he is talking to himself all the time as his brain resets every time he kills someone. Causally I also talked about the police in the non spoiler review, and I must say, the cops is nothing but a prop. They don’t do what they are supposed to do. Ray lock them in the shop, so...the cops just stayed there? What?!
 No one is gonna catch Ray? Sadly this is how the ending went, he went  free with a dying patient at the back and his dead precious in the back trunk. I’m not mad at the ending instead I feel that this ending is what set this movie up high for me.


The fact that the Villain is the good guy and he is the main lead, strikes a A+ on the list and with twist and turns, it makes this series an enjoyable movie to binge :) 


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“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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