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Bright [2017]

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Honest opinion? Hella messy if you ask me, but Bright do show me quite a few things in particular that I would love to point out. One is the adequacy of the people that are living in the world they are in. Shaming was one of the biggest show pointers in the room. With Nick aka the orc gets scrutinised and being judged like an outside despite being one of them with the humans (as cops).  At the same time we also see the corrupted people who wants the ‘wand’ for their own interest. Then we get to see the entire chasing for the wand with Orcs/humans/elf. As out heroes escape from them with violence. One thing that I really love about this film, is that we see the character growth that Daryl has towards Nick. That’s the best part for me. Knowing he sort of shamed Nick at the start before eventually trusting him, it feels very flawless with the transition of emotions, so I applauded that. Though one thing is for certain about this film, is that there are some plot moments that I find that is rather unnecessary as it didn’t really bring out much and that is the superior elf and his secretary they are pretty much the back burner of the story. Always arriving after whatever had happened. Not too sure where they are coming from but from the audience point of view, it feels very extra. Now to sum off this entire review, this is something of a fantasy movie, so I sort of will understand you if this isn’t your cup of tea, but if you are sort of interested or just wanted to try new thing, I would recommend you this movie.  Btw, the cinematography is really cool in this with the slowmo and movement shots!

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