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The Hippocratic Crush [2012]

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This old piece of work indeed sits on my chest for so many years. Watching it when I was still relatively quiet young. :laugh:See why I say it have been siting for me for so long? This series is something that is sort of out of the norms of what I would watch. It is all about doctors & surgeries. To family and relationship issues. Everything that I would typically shy away from when I watch Kdramas, but today, we aren’t gonna touch on that, instead, we are hitting the old roads of where I first started watching a series. This Hong Kong series introduces us to the ever so lovely experienced doctors & even new doctors who are training there to ultimately become a full time doctor. Through this idea we are introduced with the main leads of the show! 

The different varieties of characters really made this series a promising and interesting plot. We have the very serious Arrow head & the very lovely fishy~ And so many more! Due to the variety of characteristic there bouts to be fights and disagreements. Not just in the hospital but their lives too. Later on the series we will then understand about their backgrounds. Especially Arrowhead. (Let’s talk more about him!)


Arrow head first comes in to the story as a very strict doctor who seriously can be too harsh on the trainees but deep down we know that he is scolding them out of the care and professionalism that a doctor should have. Through the strictness, we will understand why he became a doctor. The reason why he became a doctor was a rather sad and terrible one, it feels like he is doing it out of trying to make someone happy rather than doing what he truly wants to (his interest), but I would say, maybe this is what he truly wants. Due to the persistent personality and trauma that he had to go through, I sort of understand where he is coming from. His pain and goals was then tragically cut short when that person that allowed him to become who he is today, dies. That was the ultimate tear jerker moment for me as he talks to Fishy~ at the basketball court about wanting to see his brother again.


It really shows you the soft side of the hard and strict arrow head, it really tells me that even the toughest wings have weak spots that could tear them down. But through the pain comes hope and success, finding his love Fishy~ made him realises that it’s okay to let go sometimes. To know that there is people around that would want to listen to your cries. Fishy~ on the other hand will understand and learn that different people have different ways of communicating and it is okay to accept and understand and still love Arrowhead for who he is. It is only when Fishy~ loses Arrowhead, for that few months that is when we learnt about, the precious moments of time and we shouldn’t just take it for granted. 

This series not just then, also focus on other doctors and their story which I would highly recommend you to watch it for yourself to decipher. 

So many meanings are being reflected on this two series and it s and will be something I will cherish and relook from time to time. 

Story: 9.5/10

Acting: 8/10

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