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Thunder Chaser 雷霆令 [Pending]


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dZXYQ5C.jpgChinese title: 雷霆令 
English title: Thunder Chaser
Genre: Police
Broadcast Date: 



JinHan as ZhuangYan

Liu DuanDuan as LiXiao

Yuan BingYan as GeDan

Xu YaJun as Ma JingRong

QiHang as WeiKai

Ding HaiFeing as HuangLei









To tackle the ever growing drug trade, a selection process was held to recruit the best members to join the drug enforcement agency. Three young policemen stood out in the selection process - Zhuang Yan, Li Xiao and Wei Kai. Under the leadership of captain Bai Hua and vice captain Lu Wei, the men went through life-and-death situations, successfully infiltrating into their enemies' nests and bringing the criminals to justice.


(Source: DramaWiki)


Official Site


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