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Three Body 三体 [Pending]


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7W6GZWl.jpgTitle: 三体 / San Ti
English title:
Also known as: The Three-Body Problem
Genre: Science fiction

Directors: Yang Wen Jun
Screenwriter: Bai Yi Cong
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: Tencent
Broadcast period: 2021



Zhang Lu Yi as Wang Miao
Yu He Wei as Shi Qiang
Chen Jin as Ye Wenjie
Wang Zi Wen as Ye Wenjie (young)
Lin Yong Jian as Chang Weisi
Li Xiao Ran as Kun Yufei
Yang Rong as Mu Xing
Liu Min as Li Yaozhi



A nanomaterials expert sees a mysterious countdown superimposed in his field of vision and finds himself under military investigation. To unravel the mystery, he enters the VR game "Three Body" developed by a secret organization ETO, and discovers the truth behind the deaths of dozens of scientists and a tragedy from the days of the Cultural Revolution.




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