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Go! Beach Volleyball Girls 燃!沙排少女 [Pending]


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N3LWaSu.jpgTitle: 燃!沙排少女 / Ran! Sha Pai Shao Nu
English title: Go! Beach Volleyball Girls
Genre: Sport, youth, romance
Episodes: 40

Director: Song Yang
Screenwriters: Fang Kun (方坤), Yu Xiao Yu (俞小瑜)
Broadcast network:
Broadcast period: 2021



Zhang Xue Ying as Li Guoduo
Xu Ling Yue as Chen Weilan
Fei Qi Ming
Gao Min Rui
Li Xin Zhe
Li Yan Man
Yu Chen
Li Qian
Zhu Jin Tong
Chen Sai Sai
Zhang Zhi Ran
Chai Wei
Lei Mu
Chen Wei
Cai Jia Ming
Xiao Xiao Yun
Xe Ming Yu
Gao Xin







Eighteen year old genius Volleyball player Chen Weilan receives a heavy blow after failing to qualify for the national youth team. After a quarrel with her mother, she returns to her home village and enrolls in the local academy. Under the goading of her playful grandpa, she joins the beach volleyball competition and meets fellow classmate, Li Guoduo. The two become the best of friends.


Shui Chan Academy used to be known for its top volleyball team, but is no longer able to live up to its former glory. Li Guoduo and Gaoge Zhangluo set up a volleyball club, but the members are inexperienced and weak. Chen Weilan and Li Guoduo lead the team of inexperienced members, and set out to revitalize the club. Along their journey is a series of tough training and hilarious encounters. Finally, with hard work and determination, the club finally becomes the sports team it envisions to be.

(Source: Dramawiki)


Official Links

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