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In Darkness 逆光者 [Pending]

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HFg2RbB.jpgTitle: 逆光者 / Ni Guang Zhe
English title: In Darkness
Genre: Crime, suspense
Episodes: 24

Director: Yu Qing
Screenwriter: Yi Ke Wei Zhi (亦可未知), Zhang Tian Yi (张湉怡), Zhou Guan Shan (周冠杉), Zhang Xiao Liang (张晓亮)
Broadcast network: Mango TV
Broadcast period: TBA



Peng Guan Ying as Xie Gangshan
Zhang Yu Jian as Shen Liufei
Yang Shuo as Tao Shuo
Feng Jia Yi as Zhou Yongtai
Chen Mi Qi as Ling Yun
Bai En as Mu Kun
Gao Shu Guang as Liu Yanbo
Shi Liang as Sui Hong
Liu Guan Cheng as Zhao Longyao
Tu Bing as Guan Xin
Liu Qian Wen as Ding Li
Ling Zi Tong as Chi Jin
Tang Lu Jing as Duan Licheng
Zhang Jing Wei as Lin Ruizhou
Wang Qing as Zhao Wu
Li Yan Zhen 李延桢 as Liang Tian
Zhou Ji Wei as Sang Qin
Wu Xian Feng 吴险峰 as Yi Cai
Zhang He Hao Zhen as Wang Hao



Xie Gangshan is an undercover police who has successfully infiltrated into the biggest drug trade organization. However at the most important juncture of his mission, he died from an accident. Not bearing the fruits of his labor to be wasted, Sui Gong (captain of the drug trade police force) uses a new technology and implanted Xie Gangshan's memory into a death row criminal that looks exactly like him. "Xie Gangshan" was thus revived, and returned to the police force like nothing happened to him. After an incident whereby he accidentally shot a violent criminal, memories belonging to the death row criminal slowly returned to him... The identity of the criminal turns out to be none other than the son of Mu Kun, the leader of the drug organization. Dealing with his conflicting identity and memories, Xie Gangshan thus begin to investigate the truth of his father's death. He uses the mentality and thought process of a perverted murderer to approach this case, while dealing with his own personality change. At the same time, mysterious caricature expert Shen Liufei appears by his side. Seeming like neither a friend or foe, Shen Liufei appears to be helping him crack the case, but at the same time hides his own intention. Slowly realizing he is a replacement, Jing Gangshan undergoes betrayal by his family, misunderstandings by his fellow comrades, and slowly his heart becomes twisted. However as he gradually gets familiar with the nature of human being, his faith toward "kindness" is reignited. Jing Gangshan swore to become a good policeman, and a good human being.


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