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[Tutorial] Members Shop


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I apologize for not posting this sooner! Below, you will find tutorials on how to use the members shop. 


What is the members shop? 

The members shop allows you to purchase badges to display on your side profile using your Haven Points.


To find more information on how to get Haven Points, please check out this thread: Members Shop Introduction


Finding Out How Many Haven Points You Have

Click on your profile.



The number of Haven Points you have will be displayed. 



Purchasing Badges in the Members Shop

Step One: Click on "Members Shop" located on top of the forum. When you put your cursor over Members Shop, a drop down menu will appear, but ignore the drop down menu for now. 



Step Two: The store with all the badges available to purchase will appear. 



Please note that if you do not have enough Haven Points, you will not see the option to purchase the badges. 



Step Three: Once you find the badge you want to purchase, click on "Buy Now". Two options will appear for you. 

  • Buy & Use: Purchase the badge and have it appear on your side profile right away. 
  • Buy & Store: Purchase the badge and store it in your "My Items", please only use this option if you wish to gift this badge to another member.




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Choosing Which Badge(s) to Display on Your Side Profile

Step One: Click on your profile.



Step Two: Once you're on your profile, click on Trophies and Medals. 



This will bring you to the page with all your badges. 



Step Three: Choose which badge(s) you want to display on your side profile by clicking on the "hide" and "unhide" option. 

  • If it says hide next to the badge, that means it's already displayed on your side profile. Clicking on "hide" will hide the badge from your side profile. 
  • If it says unhide next to the badge, that means it's currently not displayed on your side profile. Clicking on "unhide" will make the badge appear on your side profile. 





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Members Shop Dropdown Menu

My Items

Will show you the badge(s) you've purchased when you chose to "Buy & Store" instead of using it right away. 



Rewards & Logs

Will show you a record of who received Haven Points




Will show you how many Haven Points is in your bank, these points are different from the ones that's displayed on your profile. More information on the difference between the two to come. 




Will show you who the chaebols are. Haha!



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