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The Trick of Life & Love 机智的恋爱生活 [2021]

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Title: 机智的恋爱生活 / Ji Zhi De Lian Ai Sheng Huo
English title: The Trick of Life and Love
Also known as: Fox Romance
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 32

Director: Li Yan Qian
Screenwriter: Wang Xiao Quan (王小泉)
Broadcast network: Mango TV
Broadcast period: May 26th, 2021



Ji Xiao Bing as Ning Chengming
Jin Wen Xin as Li Qian
Peng Bi Yao
Shi Ming Ze
Yang Liao
Yang Yi
He Xing Yu
He Lei



Li Qian, a "little fox" and rookie in the workplace, encountered the domineering "devil mentor" Ning Chengming, an "old fox" in business negotiation. 
(Source: Douban) 


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Weibo l Douban

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