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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 [2021]

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Editor: @stroppyse


TongYao's first love ended badly. Esports spoiled it for her, however, it was also esports that help her to gain confidence in love and understand fully what esports meant to her. Despite the fact that TongYao lost her first love to esports, it did not stop her from playing the games herself and creating a little reputation for herself in those circles.


TongYao was scouted out by Manager Rui to take over Ming God who had to retire from the game due to his hand injuries. It was nice to see that while one may have to leave the games, they still have a chance to stay on the team they love by being a coach or a supporting member instead.

One thing, I really love the way they portray the team spirit in each team, and the pros and cons of being an esport player; not to mention that parental support is really needed in bolstering a child's spirit on. Also, it shows us that for parents, there are times they need to open their minds to new ideas as society is always evolving.


The bickering parts between TongYao and LuSiCheng will have you laughing. Also, Pang was very cute, his every single reaction when he stumbles into scenes between TongYao & LuSiCheng was awesome. Supportive parents encouraging their children's path are shown; even while some don't understand, only seeing them as obstacles for their children's proper future. However, they see the light and they listen.


One thing that really worked well for me even though it was a small side plot was with the black fan incident, one who had sent a parcel containing a pen knife to TongYao. I thought the police officer who acted as a mediator between the two opposition parties handled it very well. While he tried his best to get the ZDGX teams to settle the dispute, he also reprimanded the black fan's parents who took the whole incident a little too lightly, especially considering that the black fan was actually a repeat offender!





The story is really interesting, and I did not find it draggy. The 31 episodes really tied everything up nicely. There were some minor scenes in between major plot developments, however those always tied into one of the major plots as well. They spent a little time showing parental scenes for some of the players.


Cast/acting: 7/10
ChengXiao is placid in her acting, while it's the first times for me watching anything with XuKai. I have to admit I loved his portrayal of Lu SiCheng.  He showed well that he was one who believed in himself, however, when TongYao got injured due to the black fan incident, he felt helpless and took the full blame on himself. The main reason I stuck with this drama itself was because of the interesting byplay from the side cast, each and every single one of them was really nice.



Production value: 9/10
The game play in every scene was very nicely done, where they sometimes revert back into the games characters during the fight. The switch between reality and gaming scenes was nicely done, and the setting for each esports group house looked very comfortable and professional.



Re-watch value:  8/10
Definitely for the games play, those are the scenes I really enjoyed the most.

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