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[K-Artist] Ha Ji Won 하지원

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Ha JiWon Profile: Forever Youthful Hallyu Actress | Kpopmap

TV Shows 📺

  • Chocolate (JTBC, 2019)
  • Hospital Ship (MBC, 2017)
  • The Time We Were Not In Love (SBS, 2015)
  • Empress Ki (MBC, 2013)
  • The King 2 Hearts (MBC, 2012)
  • Secret Garden (SBS, 2010)
  • Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006)
  • What Happened in Bali (SBS, 2004)
  • Damo (MBC, 2003)
  • Days in the Sun (KBS2, 2002)
  • Life is Beautiful (KBS2, 2001)
  • Secret (MBC, 2000)
  • School 2 (KBS1, 1999)
  • Tears of the Dragon (KBS1, 1996)


Movies 📽️

  • Collateral (2019)
  • Manhunt (2018)
  • Risking Romance (2016)
  • Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (2014)
  • The Huntresses (2014)
  • As One (2012)
  • Sector 7 (2010)
  • Closer to Heaven (2009)
  • Tidal Wave (2009)
  • Seven Remedies (2008)
  • Fool/BA:BO (2008)
  • His Last Gift (2008, cameo)
  • Sex is Zero 2 (2007, cameo)
  • Miracle on 1st Street/1st Miracle (2007)
  • Duelist (2005)
  • Daddy Long Legs (2005)
  • All For Love (2005, cameo)
  • Love So Divine (2004)
  • Bunshinsaba/Ouija Board (2004)
  • 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (2004)
  • Reversal of Fortune (2003)
  • Sex is Zero (2002)
  • Phone (2002)
  • The Scissors (2000)
  • Ditto (2000)
  • Truth Game (2000)
  • Nightmare (2000)

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2017 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress (Hospital Ship)
2013 MBC Drama Awards:

  • Daesang (Grand Prize) (Empress Ki)
  • PD Award (Empress Ki)
  • Popularity Actress Award (Empress Ki)

2010 SBS Drama Awards:

  • Top Excellence Award, Special Drama - Actress (Secret Garden)
  • Top Ten Stars Award (Secret Garden)
  • Netizen Popularity Award (Secret Garden)
  • Best Couple Award with Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)

2010 46th Baeksang Arts Awards:Best Actress Award ("My Love By My Side")
2009 30th Blue Dragon Awards:

  • Best Actress Award ("My Love By My Side")
  • Popularity Award ("My Love By My Side")

2008 45th Grand Bell Awards:Hallyu Popularity Award ("BA:BO")
2007 32nd Golden Chest International TV Festival:Best Actress Award (Hwang Jin Yi)
2007 34th Korean Broadcasting Awards:Best Actress Award (Hwang Jin Yi)

Ha Ji-won | Charlene K
2006 KBS Drama Awards:

  • Daesang (Grand Prize) (Hwang Jin Yi)
  • Best Couple Award with Jang Geun Suk (Hwang Jin Yi)
  • Netizen Award (Hwang Jin Yi)

2005 26th Blue Dragon Awards:Popularity Award ("Duelist")
2004 40th Baeksang Arts Awards:Best TV Actress Award (What Happened in Bali)
2004 SBS Drama Awards:

  • Top Excellence Award, Actress (What Happened in Bali)
  • Top Ten Stars Award (What Happened in Bali)

2003 39th Baeksang Arts Awards:Netizen Popularity Award ("Sex is Zero")
2003 MBC Drama Awards:

  • Top Excellence Award, Actress (Damo)
  • Popularity Award (Damo)

2001 37th Baeksang Arts Awards:Best New TV Actress Award (Secret)
2000 21st Blue Dragon Awards:Best Supporting Actress Award ("Ditto")
2000 37th Grand Bell Awards:Best New Actress Award ("Truth Game")
2000 MBC Drama Awards:Best New Actress Award (Secret)

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ᕼᗩ ᒍI ᗯOᑎ

Demeanor of a 御姐 


*御姐 is usually used to describe a lady who is elegant, mature, successful and confident.


Unassuming Queen


Visited Taiwan Three Times in Eleven Years, Recognized Reporter Immediately


An actress like Ha Ji Won can be rarely found in the Korean entertainment industry. The photoshoot for our magazine cover was done on her first day in Taiwan. Upon arriving in the dressing room that we had prepared for her, she smiled in a friendly manner and exuded a strong aura. Unexpectedly, she is breathtakingly beautiful. (Every parts of her) from her hair to her toes are so well taken care of that one could not find any flaws in them. When choosing her costumes and accessories, she never made any fuss. She is a person with own thoughts, bearing some resemblance to the resolute personality of female characters that she often portrays.


In late 2003, Ha Ji Won first came to Taiwan to promote a video game that was endorsed by her. She, who was then 25 years old and became popular after playing the leading roles of movies ‘Sex is Zero’ and ‘Phone’, was dressed up as a sexy angel. She was slightly shy and didn’t talk much, but kept her friendly smile, leaving a deep impression on everyone. In July 2004, through the arrangement of Lee Kim Production Company, the reporter was able to have an exclusive interview with Ha Ji Won, So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung, the three leading cast members of ‘What Happened in Bali’ at 63 Building in Seoul. At that time, she was already extremely popular and possessed some temperament of a leader. During the interview, she talked with ease and confidence, and was quite charming.


In October 2007, when Ha Ji Won came to Taiwan again for the second time to promote ‘Hwang Jini’, she was already a huge star in Korea, but she remained amiable and easy-going, and even complied with the TV station’s request to do promotions at the Shilin Night Market where she had Taiwanese snacks and played pinball. This time after almost seven years, film and TV actress Ha Ji Won again reached another career peak through ‘Empress Ki’. Although she is already a super star (queen of film/drama), she is still friendly and unassuming. When she saw the reporter whom she has not met for many years while doing this interview for our magazine, she immediately recognized the reporter and greeted him/her enthusiastically.


Goddess, Even Her Toes Are Perfect


Frankly speaking, the technology of photoshop these days is so good that it adds some bonus points to the hair quality of female stars. However, Ha Ji Won appeared at the photoshooting scene directly with her silky, elastic and shiny hair. Her hair quality is so good that she could almost film a shampoo CF (there). We could tell that she set standards for herself, and showed respect to the photoshooting work. During the photoshoot and interview, we even found out that every single toe of hers are very beautifully maintained.


Unlike some actresses who cannot endure the discomfort of heels, and will only wear their heels when shooting starts, Ha Ji Won insisted to wear her high heels right after she changed to her dress, and then walked to the place of the photoshoot. Even during the interview session, she kept her posture straight, showing the demeanor of a 御姐 (a lady who is elegant, mature, successful and confident etc.) from her head to her toes, causing every member of our fashion team to be unable to hold our praises ~ she is truly very beautiful.


Ha Ji Won is always friendly every time she comes to Taiwan. She would answer every question from the reporters. Last year, she established her own management agency, Haewadal Entertainment, with herself being the only artist under her agency. When she came to Taiwan (this time), her autonomy became stronger, and she was able to make any decision on her own. She was very easy going during the interview, change of costumes and makeup process, almost never raise any other opinions, unlike other Korean artists who disallowed many types of questions to be asked, and set a lot of restrictions and regulations when they came to Taiwan for interviews. This time when Ha Ji Won came to Taiwan, other than the many staff members of her agency who came with her, the famous entertainment news program ‘Section TV’ of Korea’s MBC TV Station also followed along to capture her entire Taiwan trip. She is neither pretentious nor contrived in front of and behind the cameras. She is the same on and off stage.



a) her secrets in maintaining her youthful appearance – eat more fruits, exercise, use cold water to shower etc.;


b) her ideal type, what qualities she look for in a man – must have a sense of humor, kind, warm etc.;


c) the hardships in filming EK – actions scenes, horse riding, the cold weather etc., and also the fragrances that she used for her character;


d) advancement into Hollywood, Chinese directors whom she would like to work with – John Woo & Ang Lee, places in Taiwan that she would like to visit, happy to see her Taiwanese fans etc.


When asked by the reporter, she confirmed that her real name ‘Jeon Hae Rim’ in Hanja is 田海林, and not 全海林, both of which could be found on some websites under her profile.


source: TVBS Weekly via facebook

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Here’s the secret behind South Korean actor Ha Ji-won youthful skin at 42 :hearties:


Ha Ji-won, 42, also said that she laughs a lot, and believes it helps to tighten her face.



If there is a spike in demand for lemons in South Korea, blame actress Ha Ji-won. :love:


On Wednesday (July 29), the host of variety show Access Showbiz Tonight told the actress she looked exactly like she did two years ago.

He asked if she had any beauty secrets, noting that the 42-year-old actress made her TV debut in 1996 in the teen drama, New Generation .

Ha replied that she laughs a lot, and believes it helps to tighten her face.


"Eating lemons is also my secret, " she said. "I eat three lemons a day. As the lemons are sour..."

She scrunched up her face and said smilingly: "It has the effect of uplifting my face and prevents wrinkles."


The actress, who is famous for acting in K-dramas such as Secret Garden (2010) and Empress Ki (2013 to 2014), became a trending item on South Korean social media after the variety show was broadcast on Wednesday night.

Some netizens said that she has not aged a bit since her leading role in the romance and body-switch comedy Secret Garden, while others even dug out a still from her 2002 film Sex Is Zero, exclaiming that she looked almost the same after 18 years.


Ha recently appeared in the romantic series Chocolate (2019 to 2020), where she starred opposite singer-actor Yoon Kye-sang.









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