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Kanojo wa Kirei datta 彼女はキレイだった [Japan - 2021]

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Kanojo wa Kirei datta 彼女はキレイだった



English Title: She Was Pretty

Director: Kamiya Kaede, Kinoshita Takao, and Matsuda Yusuke

Scriptwriters: Shimizu Yukako and Miura Kisa

Country: Japan
Network: Fuji TV

Episodes: 10

Where to Watch w/ English Subs: TencentVideo (Available to those in Asian countries -- you can probably find on third party streaming sites too)



Nakajima Kento as Hasebe Sosuke (28)

Koshiba Fuka as Sato Ai (28)

Akaso Eiji as Higuchi Takuya (30)

Sakuma Yui as Kiriyama Risa (27)



Kanojo wa Kirei datta is the Japanese version of the Korean drama, She Was Pretty (starred Park Seo Jun and Hwang Jung Eum).


Hasebe Sosuke is the deputy editor-in-chief for the Japanese fashion magazine, “The Most”. He is originally from the New York branch and was sent to Japan to help the magazine be profitable or risk it get discontinued. Sosuke is intimidating and hard to get along with. When he was younger, he was ugly and fat. His only friend was Sato Ai, a beautiful honor student. Now that he’s back in Japan, he hopes to meet his first love again.


Sato Ai is a cheerful and honest person. She dreams of being a child book author, but luck has not always been on her side. She’s been working odd jobs and eventually ends up working for a publishing company. She’s sent to The Most’s department as an assistant.


Sosuke and Ai were scheduled to meet each other when he returned to Japan, but he mistaken her for someone else. During the time he was away, Ai's appearance changed. Her hair is curly, she developed freckles, and she was embarrassed that she didn't have a job. When he mistaken her for someone else, Ai had her friend (Risa) pretend to be her. She thought that doing that would end things, but later finds out that he is her new boss. Sosuke was unhappy that Ai had the same name as his first love because she's bit clumsy. However, as they begin working together, he starts to develop feelings for her. 






Plot/Story (Rating 7/10):

The drama did well staying true to the original. Many of the main topics in the original were found in this version. I enjoyed this version much more than the original – the pace was quicker and there were not many (if any) unnecessary storylines. The last episode felt a bit rushed and I would have liked if the couple was able to share more sweet moments with each other before they separated (they were in a long distance relationship for two years). 



Cast/Acting (Rating 8/10):

I think all the actors/actresses played their characters really well especially Koshiba Fuka. Her version of the female lead was great, and I found myself liking her version more than Hwang Jung Eum’s. When I watched the original, there were times when I was annoyed with the female lead. I didn’t feel this way when I watched this. Koshiba Fuka had a way of making Sato Ai feel relatable and natural without being over-the-top.


Akaso Eiji was amazing as the second male lead. There were times I liked him so much I was secretly hoping he would end up with Ai. Haha! He was such a genuine person with a good heart underneath all the silliness. 


Nakajima Kento was good too. I enjoyed watching him, but there were some times I thought his acting was a bit too much for the scene. Regardless, it didn’t affect me, and I still enjoyed watching him. 


The chemistry between Fuka and Kento was amazing! I absolutely loved them together, which is why I wished we got to see more sweet moments between them. :cry:



Production Value (Aesthetics/OST/Cinematography) (Rating: 7/10): 

I thought it was fine. Japanese dramas have a certain style to them that's different from Korean dramas. If you're used to Korean cinematography, it's best that you do not watch this one with that kind of expectation. It doesn't mean that Japanese dramas are inferior to Korean dramas, the direction and style are just different. There were some strange editing and cuts in some of the episodes, but they didn’t bother me much. The OST is very upbeat which fit the female lead’s personality pretty well. Haha!  


Re-Watch Value (Rating 7/10): 

I’m not sure if I’ll re-watch the entire drama from start to finish but I’ll probably re-watch certain scenes again. It’s a cute drama and the Sato Ai’s energy is infectious.




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