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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 [2022]


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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法



Chinese Title: Tian Cai Ji Ben Fa / 天才基本法
English Title: The Heart of Genius
Novel: Tian Cai Ji Ben Fa by Chang Er
Director: Shen Yan
Screenwriter: Nie Cheng Shuai
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 34
Broadcasting Network: iQIYI
Airing Date: July 22nd, 2022



On the day Lin Zhao Xi's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she hears the news that her longtime crush was going abroad for further studies. Pei Zhi's relentlessness in the road of mathematics has made Lin Chao Xi realize that she can never bridge the gap between herself and a true genius. However, two trips to a parallel world allows Lin Zhao Xi to discover her own potential. Lin Zhao Xi's life has been less than satisfactory after she graduated as a philosophy major. The seeds of mathematics have long been instilled deep inside her heart but she had no self confidence due to her longtime admiration for her father Old Lin and first love Chu Pei Zhi who are both math geniuses. Everything changes when she mysteriously travels through time and space. Coming to a parallel world for the first time, Lin Zhao Xi is only 12 years old here. Through the help of Old Lin, she gives her all at the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Camp. In her second journey, she travels to her senior year of high school.


Alongside Pei Zhi, she gradually musters up the courage to face life. Back in her own world, Lin Zhao Xi is preparing for her postgraduate exams while participating in modeling contests to help out her family through prize winnings. In order to help Old Lin who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, Lin Zhao Xi and Pei Zhi join hands to promote the research of the P=NP problem and climb to the pinnacle of mathematics together. (Credit)

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Lei Jia Yin as Lin Zhaosheng


Zhang Zi Feng as Lin Zhaoxi




Wang Sheng Di as Lin Zhaoxi (Young)


Zhang Xin Cheng as Pei Zhi




Lin Zi Ye as Pei Zhi (Young)




Wang You Jun as Hua Juan/Dang Aimin/Ji Jiang




Fu Bo Han as Hua Juan/Dang Aimin/Ji Jiang (Young)




Liu Ya Kun as Zhang Liang




Guo Zi Ming as Zhang Liang (Young)

Shao Jie Rui as Zheng Tianming (young)
Liu Lin as Luo Jing
Geng Le as Pei Donglai
Wang Xiao as Zhang Shuping
Hu Lian Xin as Bao Xiaomeng
Shi An as Jie Ran
Wang Rui Xin as Sun Wengqi
Peng Hao Sen as Zheng Tianming
Dong Zhi Qi as Wang Feng

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I absolutely adore this drama. There are so much good here. It warms my heart watching all of them work together. Granted, there's a reason for it but still. The friendship between the children is admirable. I'm going to miss them so much once it's the adult actors' turn. :letalQQ:



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NOOO!! I'm watching episode 11 and Hua Juan (also known as Ji Jiang) talks about how he's fallen in love with Lin Zhaoxi. :letalQQ:


I love Hua Juan and Lin Zhaoxi together because as children they had the best friendship. I didn't see this coming because it was clear that Lin Zhaoxi only has eyes for Pei Zhi. Hua Juan was focused on other things that I didn't suspect he would like her. Now that he's talked about it to his manager (who went to school with both of them), I'm just hoping this doesn't become a strong part of the story. Love triangle is a trope I do not like. 



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I finished this drama and I have to say, I was very disappointed once it transition from the child actors to the adult actors. The spirit of all the characters were no longer there once they became adult. I had a very hard time connecting to the adult characters. When I finally found some connection, there was a twist in the story and I was back to feeling disconnected again. 


The most interesting parts of the drama was when they were in the cheese world, as children and adults. When they went back to the strawberry world, it became uninteresting. The little twist with the cheese world Pei Zhi traveling to the strawberry world and refusing to leave was a little bit out of character. That was not the kind of personality I got from the the cheese world Pei Zhi so to see that was a little strange. 


Anyway, I'm just glad this is over. It had lots of potential and it kind of just fell flat. :idk:

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