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Summer Strike 아무것도 하고 싶지 않아 [Current - Mon/Tues]

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Summer Strike

아무것도 하고 싶지 않아



Korean Title: Amugeotdo Hago Sibji Adda / 아무것도 하고 싶지 않아
English Title: I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything / Summer Strike
Adapted From: I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything (아무것도 하고 싶지 않아) by Joo Young Hyun (WebToon)
Director: Lee Yoon Jung (Previous Work: Coffee Prince, Cheese in the Trap, Golden Time)
Writer: Joo Young-Hyun (WebToon)
Network: ENA
Episodes: 12
Release Date: November 2022
English Subtitle: Viki



Lee Yeo Reum (Seol Hyun) gets dumped by her boyfriend and, soon after, her mother dies in an accident. She goes through one of her worst moments in her life. Lee Yeo Reum makes the decision to live a complete different life from before and not do anything. She quits her job and moves to a small village, where everything is strange to her. There, she meets the residents, including Ahn Dae Beom (Im Si Wan), and gets to know them. Ahn Dae Beom works as a librarian. He hardly talks to people, but, when he does, he talks with a stutter. Somehow he gets comfortable and happy being with Lee Yeo Reum. Throughout this time, Lee Yeo Reum also discovers who she really is. (Credit)



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New Teaser.


@mademoiselle I've seen some photos and I think his hair will get less curly at the end. Haha! Yeah, I'll probably watch this for Im Si Wan. It's a small town/village type of drama which I've also enjoyed watching as of late. 



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  • 4 weeks later...

Written by Reporter Lee Ji An




Poster of ″Summer Strike″ [ENA]



Jihyo of girl group Twice will release a song for the soundtrack of ENA and Genie TV's new drama "Summer Strike” on Monday evening, according to music production company for the show Onesta.


"A Strange Day" (translated) will be available on various music streaming platforms from 6 p.m.









'tap on this link'






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@SilverMoonTea The FL called him "Unni" when she saw him in the library (only his back) :lmao2:

First two episodes are so-so. Mostly focus on the FL. Siwan hasn't spoken much because he seems to not like speaking to strangers and from the gist, he seems to stutter when speaking to people he's not comfy with. I think, not sure, because he spoke to his colleague at the end of episode 2 with no stutter.

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I'm not sure how you guys feel about this drama but I love it so much. I'm not even sure why because it's not like there's anything spectacular. The drama feels cozy and while some characters makes my blood boil (restaurant ahjumma), I find myself excited to see how Yeo Reum is going to grow. That takes incredible courage to quit a job and move to a town where you do not know anyone. It's even harder to know that everyone dislike you for absolutely no reason. I've read a lot of comments elsewhere that puts Yeo Reum down, but she's still growing. She lost everything and is learning how to carry on by herself. She's going to make lots of mistakes along the way. 


Dae Beom is such an interesting character. I cannot wait to learn more about him. I thought he lost his stutter a bit quick, but I guess in some ways they are still a bit awkward together. By the way, when they showed the flashback of Dae Beom in college I couldn't help but laugh at his permed hair. Hahaha! It's definitely an art piece. :lmao2:


@stroppyse, maybe you want to give this a try? It's a small town drama. 


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2 hours ago, Tofu said:

maybe you want to give this a try? It's a small town drama. 


Probably not. I like Im Shi Wan a lot, but not enough to overcome his co-star. I keep wondering if SK has so few actual actors who can act that they have to keep casting idols instead.


And, yes, I realize that ISW is an idol himself, but I've been impressed with his roles and choices, for the most part, until now.

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@stroppyse I think idols are often thrown into roles that are not suited for them and their acting range. I'm content with Seol Hyun's acting in this. She's not bad and I think she's playing her character well. 


6 hours ago, rocher22 said:

the library scene 

DB - '' Hello. You are here again''

YR - ''Hello''

DB - ''Hello again''

HAHAHAHA!! I laughed so much when he was so surprised to see her that he didn't even recite what he practiced. 


You know, for a moment I thought Dae Beom took his own money and gave it to Yeo Reum because that's kind of how I see his character. He's always doing things for others. I'm glad that was not the case. I am curious to know his trauma and why he was so against seeing those professors. 


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the drunken scenes were so hilarious but I dont like them because YR's behavior was completely crazy. 

I was a little surprised that everyone helped her. I thought Sungmin had some ulterior motives.

Bom and Hoon are cute together..  



poor DB...  





I assume DB will join them in the next episode...    


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