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Uncle Samsik 삼식이 삼촌 [Upcoming]


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Uncle Samsik 삼식이 삼촌



Korean Title: Samsiki Samchon / 삼식이 삼촌
English Title: Uncle Samsik 
Director: Shin Yeon Shick (Previous work: Cassiopeia, One Win)
Writer: Shin Yeon Shick
Network: TBD
Episodes: 10
Release Date: TBD
English Subtitle
Official Website



Set in the early 1960's, a story that depicts the friendship and desires of Sam Sik (Song Kang Ho) and Kim San (Byun Yo Han). Kim San graduated from the Korean military academy and then went to the United States to study economics at a university. He returns to South Korea with a dream to help turn the country into an important industrial nation. Sam Sik appears in front Kim San around this time and says that he supports his dream. (Credit)




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Song Kang Ho as Sam Sik

He is proud that he fed his family three meals a day even during the war, showing a colorful narrative. He appears in front of Kim San saying, "We are dreaming the same dream".


Byun Yo Han as Kim San

The highest elite from the Korean Military Academy. During his training in the U.S., he changes his major to economics and returns home with a dream of making Korea an industrial country.


Lee Kyu Hyun as Kang Seong Min

The next leader candidate. Kang Seong Min is a person who has used Sam Sik to fulfill his desires. Then, he tries to throw away Sam Sik.


Seo Hyun Woo as Jeong Han Min

An elite soldier from the Army. Although he has been to the U.S. training with Kim San, he remains in the military and dreams of military reform. However, like Kim San, he encounters a wall of reality.



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