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C-Drama/C-Movie Review Guide

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C-Drama and C-Movie Review Guide


Have something to say about a C-drama or a C-movie you love, or perhaps even about one that you were disappointed with? Why not tell us about it? We are often looking for drama recommendations , and we would love to hear your thoughts.


In this section members are free to put in their reviews for any COMPLETED drama or movie from any year. Writers can just create a topic and write the name of the drama they are reviewing ( along with the year it was released) in the title section. The first post is where you will write your review.  We require that the review be at least 200 words long and please give ratings on the scale of 1 to 10 ( 1 being the lowest , and 10 is the highest) for the following categories, at the bottom of your review


1. Plot / story

2. Cast / acting

3.Production value(aesthetics/OST/cinematography)

4. Re-watch value


Just a note to the writers : We definitely do not expect glowing reviews all the time, and we have no problems if you did not like the drama . Nevertheless, please adhere to our forum rules here on The Haven Codex. If you are to write something negative , please ensure that the entire article is not just a bash fest. Constructive criticisms are preferred. You can also put a link to your blog ( if you have one) , on the condition that your entire review is posted on the forum as well. 


And  a note to our readers : Please understand that the reviews are the views of the writers.  And please respect that . Spoilers are also to be expected ; so read at your own risk. You are free to engage in conversation with the writers , but please do not start any conflicts, stan wars and ship wars of any sort. 


Please contact us if you need help or clarification....happy writing!


Credit: @abs-oluteM @stroppyse @bluepebbles

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