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My Lovely Boxer, Kwon Sook 순정복서 이권숙 [2023]

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My Lovely Boxer, Kwon Sook

순정복서 이권숙




Kim Tae Young (Lee Sang Yeob) is a cold-blooded sports agent. He draws talented players into the sports field and makes as much money from them in a short period of time, before they burn out. One of his clients is Kim Hee Won. He is an excellent baseball pitcher and, unlike his other clients, he also means something to Kim Tae Young.


For Kim Hee Won, who is in a difficult situation, Kim Tae Young receives a task to bring female boxer Lee Kwon Sook back to the boxing ring. 3 years ago, Lee Kwon Sook emerged as an elite boxer at the age of 17. She was undefeated in all of her matches and she brought popularity to the sport. Suddenly, Lee Kwon Sook disappeared. For Kim Hee Won, Kim Tae Young approaches Lee Kwon Sook, who has started a new life away from boxing.




Director: Choi Sang-Yeol, Hong Eun-Mi
Writer: Chu Jong-Nam (novel), Kim Min-Joo
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 12
Release Date: 21 August, 2023 - 26 September, 2023
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:50


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Main Role 

Lee Sang Yeob- Kim Tae Young

Kim So Hye - Lee Kwon Sook


Support Role
Kim Jin Woo - Han Jae Min
Park Ji Hwan- Kim Oh Bok
Kim Hyung Mook- Lee Cheol Yong
Ha Seung Ri- Jung Soo Yeon
Chae Won Bin- Han Ah Reum
Yoon In Jo- Lee Yeong Ae
Choi Jae Woong

Nam Tae Woo

Kim Sang Bo

Kim Hee Chan

Han Da Sol

Song Ye Bin

Lim Young Ju

Lee Song Yi

Kim Sang Woo 


This was actually supposed to be aired in April but finally airing in August. Long teaser that had been released earlier . Someone subbed it on twitter








Recent short teasers 





With subs..



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More info about the story from DramaBeans


Lee Sang-yub  headlines as the sports agent Kim Tae-young, who’s infamous for his callous methods of recruiting talented athletes and working them to the bone before they retire. In Tae-young’s eyes, nothing is more important than his athletes’ fame and the money they’ll rake in. To resolve a sticky situation that one of his clients has gotten into, Tae-young takes on the task of recruiting a famous boxer.


There’s just one problem — that boxer is Lee Kwon-sook, who’s fallen off the radar for the past three years. Played by Kim So-hye, the talented Kwon-sook rose to fame at the young age of seventeen. Her athletic aptitude and boxing prowess earned her much awe and adulation, but right before achieving a career grand slam, she abruptly disappeared without a trace.


When Tae-young finds Kwon-sook, she’s already carved out a new life for herself, having left her boxing days behind her. It isn’t clear why Kwon-sook renounced her athletic career, but the drama’s second teaser gives us a hint of her innermost thoughts. “Boxing scares me,” Kwon-sook admits. “Still, I’ll win today’s match.”


We don’t see the rest of the cast yet, but we have Winner’s Kim Jin-woo playing Kwon-sook’s first love, and Park Ji-hwan (Our Blues) as a sports gambling operator. Oh no, that last role has me worried — perhaps that might explain Kwon-sook’s sudden vanishing?



From PinkVilla
My Lovely Boxer is based on a novel called Pure Boxer Lee Kwon Sook which is written by a renowned writer Chu Jong Nam. The drama version is written by Kim Min Joo and directed by Choi Sang Yeol and Hong Eun Mi. The production crew said that Lee Sang Yeob has shown a very professional image as he immersed himself in Kim Tae Young's character, from episode one with a passion for acting. According to the production crew, Lee Sang Yeob's colorful charm will be seen through My Lovely Boxer, something the viewers haven't seen before. The first episode of My Lovely Boxer will be aired in August 2023.


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New poster....there are conflicting comments about the possibility of romance. Some feel that the age gap is too big. Some say original webtoon has no romance. But teasers seem to indicate some romance ....hehehe


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Actually I like this show more than I had expected. I think it's cause Lee Sang Yeob plays this trash of a character ( his specialty :laugh:) with so much conviction. In some ways , I think he carries this show for me. I can't and won't defend the things he does as he hustles his way as a sports agent, but I think the drama did a good job of fleshing him out. Match-fixing wasn't a line he willingly crossed. But to save his long time friend who got himself into a mess for backing out of a match-fixing deal , and also because the thugs threatened him with his mother , he resorted to do this.


What I appreciated was that he was upfront with Kwon Sook that he was using her but in return he says she can use him too - she had always wanted to escape the sport so this would be an effective way to do it. But the only thing is that KS is a really talented boxer , and it is a waste that she "retires"  this way. 



Pre-released for eps 4. 


Mon-Tues: - Wed-Thurs: - Fri-Sat: The Story of Park's Marriage Contract, My Demon  Sat-Sun:  C-drama: -  

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I am loving this show especially Kim Tae Young (LSY). His character has plenty of interesting layers. Despite his reputation as a scumbag because he can be ruthless when negotiating and is capable of doing questionable things to reach his goal, he is a good agent for those that come under his wing. He really takes care of the interests of his athletes even if they may not fully agree with him, and makes sure they can go on to survive after they retire. Though right now his agreement with Kwan Sook is that he will help her end her career (through the match rigging)  so that she can retire in peace, he knows that this decision of hers is born out of her hate for her father as opposed to a lack of love for the sport. He knows it would be wasted for her to retire like this seeing what a naturally talented boxer she is. So I think he's definitely trying to pave the path for her to go professional. But that is provided he can escape the clutches of the match fixing folks who doesn't seem to want to let him go. TY thinks he can be rid of them once he fulfills his deal but this is like the lyrics of "Hotel California" - " You can check-out any time you like. But you can never leave! " :psweatduck:


KS is trying to make up for the lost time in her teens as she dedicated her school days to training. So she's very quickly falling for JaeMin's charms . JM is not a character I trust despite him being so angelic in front of her. He definitely has ulterior motives as he was only interested in her when he realised she was the famous boxer from 3 years ago...and as he had revealed to TK, he would manage KS's career once her contract with TK is done. Red flag all the way.  


I don't know if there is supposed romance with TK but there's very good chemistry between TK and KS despite the age gap. And this feels somewhat forbidden ...it helps for KS that her agent is a very handsome ahjussi. Honestly, LSY aging like fine wine too. 

Mon-Tues: - Wed-Thurs: - Fri-Sat: The Story of Park's Marriage Contract, My Demon  Sat-Sun:  C-drama: -  

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I realise as I watched last week's episode that I don't feel as much for Kwon Sook as I do for Han Ah Reum who is KS's arch rival. The latter clearly loves the sport and has worked hard to keep her professional career by training and working part time jobs. So when KS left the boxing scene abruptly because she was "sick of it" , it felt like a slap in the face for serious boxers like Ah Reum. It seems unfair because KS is the one with the natural talent for the sport but yet she's throwing it away just like that. I understand her wish not to compete anymore was due to how harsh her father was and how she felt trap by all the expectations. Unfortunately,  the drama is not doing a good job of making me sympathise with her character at all. It doesn't help that she is so busy dating instead of fully focusing on making sure she keeps her end of the deal. That Jae Min guy is bad bad news....I can just sense it. 


I realise the only reason why I entertain the idea of her and TY being romantically involved is because TY seems to be falling for her. He is also the reason I like this show. His character is the one with the layers and I am curious how he plans to get out of this web of game rigging. Those thugs ain't gonna let him go. 


New stills...


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I am probably one of the few viewers that have really liked this show. Lee Sang Yeob carried this for me, and at the end I was supportive of the romance. Though  at this point I am more worried that our ML may actually die. They better not kill him :nervous: I will be so pissed off if TaeYoung dies. He's the one who absorbed the responsibility to help his hyung in the past. He only got entangled with this whole betting ring thing because of his hyung's choice to rig the baseball game.  And now he upset the thugs to protect KwonSuk. I don't expect him to full reciprocate her feelings but keep him alive, please.


Finale tonight


Mon-Tues: - Wed-Thurs: - Fri-Sat: The Story of Park's Marriage Contract, My Demon  Sat-Sun:  C-drama: -  

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