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Kekkon Yoteibi 結婚予定日 [JP drama 2023]

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"Married at 26" "First child at 27" "Second child at 29"... She always just assumed that's the way things would go... 28-year-old Kawai Yoshiko is still single. She has a broken heart a few days before her 29th birthday. On the way home, she runs into her colleague, Yuuki-san. Yoshiko cannnot help telling him about what happened just before. Then Yuuki-san suddenly offers Yoshiko to get married with him a year later only if...

(Source: MangaUpdates)

~~ Adapted from the novel "Kekkon Yoteibi" (結婚予定日) by Nishihara Ito (西原衣都). 


Native Title: 結婚予定日
Also Known As: If You Can't Have a Fiance, Let's Get Married , Date of Marriage , The Date of Marriage
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Tags: Senior-Junior Relationship, Office Worker Female Lead, Office Worker Male Lead, Cold Male Lead, Adult Romance, Older Woman/Younger Man, Adapted From A Novel, Adapted From A Manga
Country: Japan
Type: Drama
Episodes: 10
Aired: Aug 4, 2023 - ?
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: MBS
Duration: 30 min.

Link : MBS





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54 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:

What's all this about? I hears that Japan is in of their birthrate recently. So is tjst why most of their sramas r all about married couple now. Let me check it later. 

Haha well some sort of if you don't get a boyfriend by another 1 year, let's get married :laugh: I was laughing at your birth rate comment, but it's kinda true lols... their drama all about marriage contract 😅


I told @Tofu it's a nonsense romcom , but I was surprised because their chemie is great ! And ML is handsome 🤩

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I probably will talk by myself here. So here we go 😅


The 1st episode was very cliche, FL got dumped by her bf, but what was not normal is the way ML just non chalantly said let's get married if you're still single 1 year later. 


At first the FL felt a bit too cheery and felt kind of very naive. But I grew to like her by ep 3/4, it was disclosed that she often helping her kouhai (junior) including Yuki and the latest one is Domoto. I found this Domoto guy just very funny, who's on earth wearing short pants in serious office setting lols... Where is the HR? 🙈 Anyway it was nice to see her caring for Domoto and worry for him, and it trigger wave of jealousy for Yuki.


Their friend character Kira, who always hanging around Yuki also quite interesting. Not sure if he will have more role or purpose in this drama, but so far it's just fun to see him disturbing people here & there 😅 He seems to know about Domoto & Kawai not being a real item, but he let Yuki suffer, so I was not so sure about his true intention. 

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