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[C-Artist] Song Wei Long 宋威龙

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半妖倾城 Ⅱ / Demon Girl II (Ying Long)



我与你的光年距离 / Long for You (Gu ShiYi)



凤囚凰 / Untouchable Lovers (Rong Zhi)



彼岸花 / Beautiful Reborn Flower (Lin HePing)

资深少女的初恋 ll 下一站是幸福/ Find Yourself (Yuan Song)

漂亮书生 / In a Class of Her Own (Feng ChengJun)

以家人之名 / Go Ahead (LingXiao)



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WeiLong latest interview regarding his roles in 'GoAhead' thanks @Lynne


Song Wei Long's interview 


When talking about “Ling Xiao”, Song Wei Long revealed he fell in love with the character when he first read the script. He repeatedly used “心疼”, which can mean “to feel sorry”, to describe his feelings toward the character. Song Wei Long expressed, “Ling Xiao” and my inner feelings are quite similar, but his pain is much greater. I can feel I’ve improved in my performance. As for some emotional experiences, like pain, departing scenes, I feel even deeper and even more engaged.


Credit to Source : 38jiejie Translations

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On May/22, Song WeiLong went to the Mushroom Hut to participate and have a taste on the field life, he posted the below on his weibo



(Energize little guy, went to have a taste in the field work, playing with all the tools at the mushroom huts, this is #BacktoField#



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HuangLei LaoShi got shock when WeiLong said he is 1999 hahahaha, and asked him how old is his dad, when LongLong told him that his dad is 48 and he is 49, he start sighing lols....most probably because HuangLei kids is really a lot younger than LongLong hahaha


and the other guest's daughter who is 8 years old (Ni Ni) is also actually LongLong's fan, she asked LongLong to wish the daughter something....and also snap a picture of her with LongLong to prove it to her daughter that she is meeting her idol right now lols



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a promo clips of SongWeiLong and ZhangXinCheng both co-staring in the current hit drama 'Go-Ahead' where they both are tight as buddy and blood brother......


the clip show, WeiLong returning a roll of toilet paper to XinCheng as during the episode 2 of the show, WeiLong snatch XinCheng papers away as an act of revenge due to him barging in and using the toilet as he was brushing his teeth




below insides the spoiler is where WeiLong took the toilet paper away hahahaha


Cr: jingyans.tumblr.com





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