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Cross Fire 穿越火线 [2020]


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Cross Fire (穿越火线) Artist: Wu Lei - Opening Credit
Land of Dreams (梦寐之地) Artist: Lu Han - Ending Credit
Not Convinced (不服) Artist: Zhang Zi Ning
Attitude (态度) Artist: Corsak, Hu Mengzhou
Hi, Youngster (少年) Artist: UNINE (Xia Hanyu, Chen You Wei, He Changxi)
Natural Born (与生俱来) Artist: Hu Chunyong (UNINE)
Amour Girl (盔甲少女) Artist: Chen Jue
Incomplete Story (未完成的故事) Artist: Zhang Man Na
Glory (荣光) Artist: Jin Wen Qi
Travel of Time (岁月神偷) Artist: Jin Wen Qi
Cross Fire (穿越火线) Artist: Nicholas Tse
Pure Heart of Chasing Dream (追梦赤子心) Artist: Gala Band
Time Stopped (时间停了) Artist: Lu Han

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