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[Coming Soon] JangHaven 1.5.0


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Hello, everyone! :cool:


I want to thank the community for supporting our new site! :heart:


The Inaugural Event was a tremendous success and there shall be a round of applause to @SnowBlob & @stroppyse for setting up such a wonderful occasion for our members!

As we are approaching the Fall season, our staff is planning to update our platform software very soon in order to prepare JangHaven 1.5.0.


Thank you to @bairama for the awesome 1.5 banner!

Here is a sneak peek of what is coming soon:

Members Shop


Our next community update will bring a shop accessible by all members of our community. It will have different items for purchases such as exclusive medals, account unlockables, event tickets, games, and much more!


Economy System


With the new shop in development, members would have to earn a forum currency called Haven Points. These are gathered by engaging with our community through various discussions, clubs, opportunities & events! Havenites will be able to purchase several items from the shop with their hard-earned points.


Banking System


With the new economy system, Havenites will be able to deposit their points in their personal bank and earn a passive income with monthly interests.


Seasonal Content


Our staff is currently preparing seasonal items to be earned through the Fall Season. All items will be carefully curated around a particular theme.




Clubs will be featured as members will have the opportunity to create their own fan pages and become community leaders!




Inspired by the positive reception of the launch event, we will be planning future events within the upcoming season! Our Event Organizers, GFX Designers & Discord Managers are working in collaboration to bring exciting prizes and new forms of engagements for our community.


Animated Emojis & Exclusive Medals


These will be available in the next season. We want to make sure emojis and medals are properly curated, especially with the upcoming season.




This feature will bring daily & weekly quests for every member of our community. It will encourage members to participate into our community for Haven Points.


Achievement Trophies


Trophies will be featured soon as members would need to reach various milestones in order to receive completion collectibles.


Drama Reviews


With the direction of the site, we are planning a special place for third-party bloggers & critics to post their community-focused drama reviews in the appropriate sections. We know it's tough out there. There will be a proper scale system to avoid constant 0/10 - 10/10 reviews. Such feature can present JangHaven as a special hub for drama critics!


Comprehensive Compendium


Since launch, we have built an area where we have compiled essential information about the community. We have included the basics of Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Tutorials. We are planning to expand on that ASAP to make sure members can always go back reading their survival guide.


Until then, I wish Havenites a marvelous journey with us!



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