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The Journey Across The Night 我在香港遇见他 [2020]

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Chinese title: 我在香港遇见他/Wo Zai Xiang Gang Yu Jian Ta
English title: The Journey Across The Night 

Genre:  Mystery, Psychological, School, Medical

Director:  Ju Xing Mao

Episodes: 24

Broadcast Date: 9/21/2020




Zeng Shun Xi as Li Jia
Xiao Tian Ren as young Li Jia
Cherry Ngan as Zhang Chacha
Zhou Cheng Ao as Shi Cheng
Feng Jian Yu as Xiao Xi
Li Yang as young Xiao Xi
Lawrence Ng as Chen Mingxuan
Hei Zi as Uncle Xue
Loretta Lee
Ju Xing Mao
Shao Yun as Anna



A young man goes to Hong Kong to study psychiatry for a pressing reason. His family has a genetic disease that caused his mother and brother to be diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 24 and he is desperate to escape the same fate.





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