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Believe in Love 花间新娘 [2022]

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Chinese title: 花间新娘 / Hua jian xin niang
English title: Believe in Love

Genre: Historical, romance

Director: Shen Jin Fei

Episodes: 24

Broadcast Date: 2022




Huang Sheng Chi as Hua Yinan
Zheng He Hui Zi as Lu Yue'er
Zhu Rong Jun
Xiao Kai Zhong
Hou Dong
Ma Xin Yu
Li Ming Yuan



Lu Yueer is 17 years old. She is a hard-working girl, a courageous and kind lady of the city. Cute, optimistic, responsible, easy-going and principled, dare to love and hate, not afraid of suffering, and comes with the tenacity of "wild grass". Hua Yinan is 20 years old, a lord of Huajian who is popular among thousands of people. His appearance is handsome, but his personality is unexpectedly dark.





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