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Kuang Lie 狂猎 [2021]

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Kuang Lie 狂猎



Chinese title: 狂猎 / Kuang Lie
English title: Wild Hunt

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 12

Director: Cao Dun, Jing Chong

Broadcasting Network: MangoTV

Broadcast Period: May 24th, 2021



Qin Hao
Yin Fang
Huang Zi Xing
Shen Jia Ni
Yu Ai Lei
Zhao Wei
Sui Yong Liang
Jia Hong Wei
Han Qiu Chi
Wang Yi Zhou
Yang Qi Yu



At the Northern part of Xinjiang, two policemen were killed by a group of poachers and the prey were nowhere to be found. Five years later, Wei Jiang left the the police station in the forest, and chose to become a protector of the borders. By chance, he becomes Qin Chuan's teacher, and leads him on the path of patrolling. They meet the local vet Xiao Wan, as well as leader of the animal activist group Bao Na. Together, they found the traces of the poachers, and began a fierce battle with them. Finally, the poachers were caught, and justice was served.






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