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Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 [2020]


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Chinese title: 三嫁惹君心 / San niang re jun xin
English title: Marry Me 

Genre:  Historical, Romance

Director: Huang Wei Jie

Episodes: 35

Broadcast Date: 9/9/2020



Xing Zhao Lin as Long Yao
Xiao Yan as Ju Lin'er
Nicky Wu as Shi Boyin
Nie Zi Hao as Yun Qingxian
Huang Yi Lin as Feng Wu
Li He as Long Teng
Liu Yi Tong as Shu Ruochen
Qiu Shi Lun as Long Fei
Li Xin Bo as Ding Xingshan
Yue Yao Li as Qu Sheng
Shi Yu as Ding Sheng
Ding Ye as Hua Yibai
Pan Yi Jun as Empress Dowager
Liu Si Tong as Consort Shu



Ju Mu'er, a young musician, lived a leisurely life until her teacher Shi Boyin dies a wrongful death, and also loses her eyesight as a result. Ju Mu'er then embarks on a journey to seek justice for her teacher, and finds that consecutive cases keeps bringing her and Long Yue, the wealthiest man of the capital who is sly and arrogant, has a sharp tonque and loves money as much as his own life together. At the same time, Ju Mu'er constantly faces harassment from a married man who keeps attempting to force her into a marriage. In order to get herself out of the situation, Ju Mu'er proposes a contract marriage to Long Yue to which he surprisingly agrees as she continues to find her teacher's murderer. The two begin to develop real feelings over time. In order not to implicate the Long family, Ju Mu'er tries to stir up misunderstandings and anger Long Yue, hoping that he would divorce her. However, Long Yue finds out the truth and marries her again. As the investigation gets deeper, the cases start to get more confusing and bewildering. Ju Mu'er almost gets killed, and the Long family was thrown in a perilous situation. As a result, Ju Mu'er and Long Yue has no choice but to separate temporarily and face their enemies. When the truth is revealed and everything is settled, Long Yue marries Ju Mu'er for the third and final time.





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