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Renascence 凤唳九天 [2020]


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300px-Renascence.jpgChinese title: 凤唳九天 / Feng Li Jiu Tian
English title: Renascence

Genre: Historical

Episodes: 36

Director: Liu Hai Bo, Shen Yang

Broadcast Period: 9/22/2020




Chen Zhe Yuan as Ye Junqing
Xu Wei Luo as Ye Junqing (young)
Li Mo Zhi as Yao Mowan
Mi Er as Yao Mowan (young)
Zhang Jun Ning as Ye Hongyi
Liang Jia Tong as Ye Hongyi (young)
Cheng Yan Qiu as Yao Moxin
Yan Zi Dong as Han Jinyi
Zhang Xuan as Yao Suluan
Wen Li as Ben Lei
Chen Ying Ying as Wang Qinruo
Guan Xin Liu Yang as Wang Qinruo (young)
Yang Xin Ming as Yao Zhenting



It is the early 12th century in the city now known as Nanjing. War threatens to erupt across the land of Da Chu, and the Imperial court is rife with corruption and intrigue.

The cruel Emperor’s and his corrupt cronies plot to kill the Empress – and are successful in their malicious efforts. Meanwhile, other vindictive parties chase down Yao Mo Wan (Li Mo Zhi), the Empress’ illegitimate younger sister.

However, the night is stormy and full of mystery. The dead queen’s spirit enters the body of her younger sister…intent on taking revenge on the people who wronged her.

Yao Mo Wan enters the Imperial Court, bent on seeking vengeance.

She also meets (and falls for) Ye Jun Qing (Chen Zhe Yuan), a young Da Chu prince.

As she discovers the scale of the corruption at court, she decides to do her best to see that Ye Jun Qing deposes the evil Emperor using the best tools at her disposal: her wits and natural intelligence.

This drama was based on a graphic novel named “The Cry of the Phoenix that Reached Ninth Heaven.”



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