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Lascivious Lady 2 绝世千金2 [2020-2021]


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ek4L67k.jpgChinese title: 绝世千金2
English title: Lascivious Lady 2
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 27
Broadcast Date: Dec/24



Zheng Qiu Hong as Lin LuoJing

Simon GongJun as Zhong WuMei

Alen Fang WeiLun as Liu XiuWen

Yu KaiNing as Yu KaiNing

Chris Zhu as Hua YingChi

Cici Liu as Hua YingYun

Li TingZhe as Zhong ShiLi

YiSha as XiQue

Qiu HaoXuan as JinChen

Wang HuiZhen as TangMeng















Lin Luojing traveled to the Shengyuan dynasty in the game. To return to the real world, she had to find her true love to brush his favor before leaving the game. In the life of the domineering prince Zhong Wumei, Lin Luojing's personal bodyguard Liu Xiuwen actually turned into a Prince of Persia and returned to Shengjing, vowing to compete with Zhong Wumei. Although Jiang Xuanyu married Tang Meng, did he put down his feelings for Lin Luojing? This implies that there is an internal and external struggle, in the face of challenge and danger after another, "the peerless one thousand Jinlin Luo Jing," what will happen to face it.
(Source: Baidu) 



Official Sites:

Baidu l Weibo l Douban


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