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100 Reasons Not To Be King 不当皇帝的100个理由 [Pending]

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0QlclJI.jpgChinese title: 不当皇帝的100个理由
English title: 100 Reasons Not To Be King
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Date:



Leon Li as QiZhi

Jade Cheng as Ou YangYan

Feng LiJun as LiuHeng

Wang YiZhe as Crown Prince

Zhao YiQin as Prince Yu

Wang MaoLei as Eunuch Gao

Zhang Gong as Liu Huang

Bai ChengJun as King LieYang













Story of how morning attendant Qi Zhi erroneously took over the task of finding the true heir to the throne, and started the hilarious adventure while searching for the emperor.


(Source: Baidu) 


Official Sites:

Weibo | Baidu | Douban

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I like actors and actresses that aren't just good in making viewers cry. 😉 I admire comedians and comediennes because IMO, it is more difficult to make others laugh. 


Cross fingers there'll be an airing date for this soon.🙂


I'd love to see the adventure seeking the real heir, and the reasons why somebody might not want to be emperor.  😂

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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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