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Parallel Lost 平行迷途 [2020]

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300px-Parallel_Lost.jpegChinese title: 平行迷途 / Ping Xing Mi Tu
English title: Parallel Lost

Genre: Detective, suspense

Episodes: 18

Director: Gu Yun Yun (顾贇贇)

Broadcast Period: 10/13/2020




Lu Ting as Huang Xin
Xu Jia Qi as Liang Xue
Yan Meng as Gu Jun
Li Yue as Su Ming
Sun Su Meng Xi as Yang Fang
Li Shu Ting as Su Xiaoxi



The drama revolves around two police academy students with vastly different identities and four lost youths.

Su Ming and Gu Jun are classmates in the police academy. After graduation, the two begin a different path of life and love. However one day, Su Ming was suddenly terminated from his job and disappeared. Gu Jun initially thought their difference is only due to the disparity in their social class. However after investigation, Gu Jun discovers Su Ming's secret...





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