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Black Lighthouse 黑色灯塔 [2020]

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300px-Black_Lighthouse.jpgChinese title:  黑色灯塔 / Hei Se Deng Ta
English title: Black Lighthouse

Genre: Legal

Director: Zhong He Ran (史赫然)

Episodes: 30

Broadcast Date: 10/21/2020




Wu Qian as Qiao Nuoyi
Yang Le as Li Xuyao
Zheng Ya Wen as Fan Jiayi
Dai Xu as Wei Ningtai
Jiang Kai as Yang Boqing
Cai Yi Da as Zhao Peng
Zhong Qi as Lu Lu
Wang Bo Wen
Rain Lee
Kent Tong
Gao Shu Guang
Chen Hui Ling
Gao Xiao Pan
Feng Wen Juan
Su Ke
Li Tian Zhu
Ying Zi
Yang Kai Di
Gao Yuan
Du Zi Ming
Yang Yu Ting
Zhu Hong Jia
Ru Ping
Lin Peng
Sun Min
Wei Qing



Qiao Nuoyi accidentally finds herself working as an intern at the intermediate people’s court. She discovers a newfound passion for the law after solving several mysteries, and sets her sights on becoming a judge.





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