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Detective 侦探语录 [2020]

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300px-Detective.jpgChinese title: 侦探语录 / Zhen Tan Yu Lv
English title: Detective 

Genre: Period, crime, mystery

Episodes: 26

Director: Wen De Guang

Broadcast Period: 10/25/2020



Gao Zhi Ting as Tan Bodun
Zhang Xin as Lu Jiazhen
Wang Long Zheng as Zheng Zibin
Qu Gao Wei as Song Chengming
Liu En Shang as Da Pan
Chen Ya Li as He Chunting
Liu Yi Jun as Luo Yuding
Wang Jin Song as Song Mingshan
Jin Shi Jie as Feng Wanjiang
Bo Chen as Chu Jiu
Fan Zhen



Set in the early republican era of Tianjin, the story follows a police detective with split personality who sets out to solve various crimes in the city.





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It's a novel enough idea and they've got the right actor for it. He looked familiar... I recognized him immediately. Then when I heard that he was in A Life So Beautiful I realised who it was. He was the swimming kid. That was one time I did have a rare case of SLS. Hu Yi Tian's character in that drove me up the wall. Gao Zhiting is very good in the dual role. 


It's not set in the republican era but during the waning days of the Qing dynasty, early 20th century pre WW1. There's plenty of unrest on the streets. Rebels are everywhere plotting against the regime. The country is in transition... politically weak and gradually being westernised. Change seems inevitable.


Bo Dun is a local cop with a Sherlock Holmes knack for deductions and solving crime. I've only watched a couple of episodes so far and it's fun but nothing that stretches the brain.

What's different about Bo Dun is that he suffers from dissociative personality disorder and the migraines are getting worse. The medication becoming less effective. His other self is becoming more assertive and harder to suppress. However his other personality, more cocky and arrogant, is just as a good a detective... or may be even better... than he is.


To compound his issues, his adoptive parents have arranged marriage for him with his childhood sweetheart who has just returned from an overseas stint. My impression is that he likes her but is loath for her to get to close to him because of his mental health issues. Her father is a mentor and a longtime father-figure. 


The show begins with an assassination with a Manchurian official by the rebels. Bo Dun finds himself in the thick of things and uncovers two of the assassins' identities but fails to capture the third member. This apparently signals the start of a larger conspiracy.


I like what I've seen so far to want to continue and I'm hankering to watch a decent detective drama. Hopefully the cases become more challenging and inventive in the ensuing episodes.


Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 1.10.55 pm


Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 1.11.34 pm



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