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Make A Wish 喵请许愿 [2021]

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Chinese title: 喵请许愿 / Miao, Qing Xu Yuan
English title:  Make A Wish 

Genre:  Romance, fantasy

Director: Gao Peng (高朋)

Episodes: 24

Broadcast Date: July 8th, 2021 (6 episodes released on the first day for VIP, 2 episodes a day Thursday-Saturday)

Broadcasting Network: iQIYI



Yu Chiyan saves a white cat by chance, who turns out to be a cat spirit from Meow Planet located in a parallel world. Taking on a human form, Xiao Xiu must repay Yu Chiyan's kindness before returning to her own planet. A series of hilarious encounters ensue as Xiao Xiu moves in with Yu Chiyan.


Sources: avirtualvoyage, dramawiki



Weibo l Baidu | Douban



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