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My Treasure 生活家 [2021]

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Chinese title:  生活家 / Sheng Huo Jia
English title: My Treasure

Genre: Family, workplace, drama

Director: Liu Hai Bo

Episodes: 24

Broadcast Date: 2021



Wen Qi as Qiu Dongna
Liu Min Tao as Qiu Xiaoxia
Roy Qiu as Gu Fei
Annie Liu as Cheng Fanyang
Pan Bin Long as Wang Shicheng
Liu Yi Jun as Bai Youxin
Tan Quan as Bai Shichu
Zhai Xiao Xing as Yin Pingchuan
Shi An as Chen Jingfeng
Huang Si Rui as Li Chuning



Qiu Dongna just fell to the lowest point of her life after losing her job and experiencing family problems. With not much choice left, she applied for the company she dreaded the most - the accounting firm her old friend, Gu Fei and her first love's step-mother, Cheng Fanyang set up. After entering workplace, she meets her boss Gu Fei, an unpredictable man. They solve problems in life and work together, becoming soul mates.





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