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The Master of Cheongsam  一剪芳华 [2021]

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300px-The_Master_of_Cheongsam.jpgChinese title:  一剪芳华 / Yi Jian Fang Hua
English title: The Master of Cheongsam

Genre: Period, drama

Director: Zhang Feng


Broadcast Date: August 31st, 2021



Zhang Hao Wei as Lu Yuanzhi
Gai Yue Xi as Kang Ning
Hong Yao as Jiang Mosheng
Zhao Yuan Yuan as Zhao Lijun
Yang Qi Ru as Su Peiyao
Zhang Chen Guang as Bai Henian
Liu Pei Qi as Su Jingan
Liu Min as Wu Wenli
Chen Pei Si as Na Hetai
Hou Yong
Zhao Zi Qi
Chi Shuai
Yan Jing Jie as Adjutant Chen



After Lu Yuanzhi fell apart with his teacher and suffered oppression from his seniors, he left Beiping and heads to Shanghai. With his hard work, he earns recognition in Shanghai. When war erupts in Beiping, Lu Yuanzhi heads back and swore not to make cheongsams for the Japanese. He uses his skills to become one of the greatest costume designer of China.





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