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Be With You 好想和你在一起 [2020]


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nQYTFlp.jpgChinese title: 好想和你在一起 Hǎo Xiǎng Hé Nǐ Zài Yī Qǐ
English title: Be With You
Genre: Romance, Life
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Date: Nov/19



Ji XiaoBing as Ji YanXin

Zhang YaQin as QiNian

Marcus Li as Ji SiQi

Kylie Zhou as Lu QingWu

Yang YuTong as JiQiu

XiangHao as XiaoLi

Jiang RuiZe as AnZi

Wu HeLun as Su XunRan

Zhang HaoYue as LinYi

WangLu as Editor He

Wang Zi Qing as Xiao JiQiu

MaRui as PeiYan

Li ZheHao as XiaoJia













A young cartoonist intentionally gets near Ji Yan Xin, a cold and arrogant professor. Qi Nian, a girl with a straightforward personality hopes that interacting with Ji Yan Xin would give her inspiration and creative materials for her comic plot. Coincidentally Ji Yan Xin’s younger brother Ji Si Qi becomes Qi Nian’s assistant and a catalyst for their relationship to progress and blossom.

(Source: Baidu, myue)


~~ Adapted from the novel "I Really Want To Be With You" by Bei Qing. 


Official Site:

Weibo | Baidu


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