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New Year Blues 새해전야 [Movie 2021]


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rrdWZ_4c.jpg?v=1Thought I should open a thread for this movie since it has such a power casting - many of whom I love. Year-end is always a lovely time to wind down,  sit back and watch some romantic shows. This reminds me very much of Love Actually. 


“New Year’s Eve” will tell the story of four couples who must each overcome different fears and problems as they face the beginning of a new year.



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Production Team

Director: Hong Ji-Young
Writer: Ko Myung-Joo, Ham Hyung-Kyung
Producer: Min Jin-Soo
Release Date: December, 2020
Distributor: Acemaker Movie Works



Kim Kang-Woo - Ji-Ho
Yoo In-Na - Hyo-Young
Yoo Yeon-Seok - Jae-Hun
Lee Yeon-Hee - Jin-A
Lee Dong-Hwi - Yong-Chan
Chen Duling - Yaolin
Yum Hye-Ran - Yong-Mi
Yoo Teo - Rae-Hwan
Sooyoung - O-Wol



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4 different couples spend 1 romantic week over New Year's Eve.
Both coming out of failed marriages, Ji-ho and Hyo-young are not open for the possibilities of new love.
# Revive the Thrill of Romance


Heartbroken after being dumped, Jin-ah heads to the other side of South Korea and encounters Jae-hun who also has left Seoul behind.
# Refresh from the Burned-out Past


Yong-chan and Yaolin are an international couple soon to get married.
But their already-growing marriage blues begin to get worse as Yong-chan is swindled out of his wedding savings.
# Reset your Love-Translator



A Paralympic snowboarder Rae-hwan pops a question to his long-time girlfriend Oh-wol.
They are a perfect match in their eyes, but not in other’s point of view.
# Remember The Moment She Said “Yes”


Source Korean Film


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Article from: https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/art/2020/12/689_300211.html

Multi-star rom-com 'New Year Blues' brings holiday cheer

Christmas and New Year's Eve films always bring a special dose of holiday cheer to audiences. This year, movie lovers can ring in the festive season with "New Year Blues" which tells the cutesy tale of four couples.

The upcoming film is a star-studded romantic comedy that revolves around the lives of four couples who break up and fall in love on New Year's Eve.

Helmed by Hong Ji-young, the director behind "Marriage Blue" (2013) and "Will You Be There?" (2016), the film's cast includes Kim Kang-woo, Yoo In-na, Yoo Yeon-seok, Lee Yeon-hee, Lee Dong-hwi, Chen Du Ling, Yeom Hye-ran, Choi Soo-young of Girls' Generation and Yoo Teo.

"If 'Marriage Blue' was about romantic relationships, 'New Year Blues' is about untangling notable characteristics of the backstories of different protagonists. Each character has their own regrets and resolutions on New Year's Eve," director Hong said during an online press event for the film, Tuesday.

Kim plays Ji-ho, a police officer who offers personal protection to Hyo-young (Yoo In-na), who files for divorce from her husband.

On working with director Hong for the second time, Kim said, "I decided to join the project without even having to look at the script. There was a feeling of mutual trust between us."

Other couples face their own challenges. Paralympic snowboarder Rae-hwan (Yoo Teo) and gardener Oh-wol (Choi) get into conflict due to misunderstandings.

Yoo shared three main reasons for joining the project. "Working with director Hong, starring alongside my partner Soo-young and shooting in a snow field were the reasons behind taking the role," he said.

"From Hong's previous films, I could feel the warmth of a family and loved ones. My close friends were excited about me starring opposite Soo-young. And I loved the fact that the story is set in December."

Choi revealed that she was actually a fan of Yoo. "I've seen his previous work. He's quirky, but I found him more attractive after getting to know him personally. I'm glad we were able to star together and become closer through this film," she said.

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Jin-ah (Lee Yeon-hee), a part-time worker at a ski resort decides to take a spontaneous trip to Argentina. There, she meets Jae-heon (Yoo Yeon-seok), who works as a wine deliveryman.

The two actually dance Argentine tango in the film. "Argentina is famous for tango and wine. There's a scene where Jin-ah, wearing a red dress, dances tango with Jae-heon. We practiced the choreography for a month before leaving for Argentina and learned the moves from local dancers before shooting it," Yoo said.

Meanwhile, Yong-chan (Lee Dong-hwi) has trouble preparing for marriage with his Chinese girlfriend Yao Lin (Chen) due to cultural differences.

Lee said he had to learn Chinese for the role. "I was surprised when I first read the script because most of my lines were written in Chinese. Although we're an international couple, I couldn't feel the difference between nationality because Chen and I had great chemistry on set," he said.

"New Year Blues" will hit local theaters in December

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I hope one of the subbers will bring this for us. Think this aired in SK two weeks ago.


‘New Year Blues’ brings back year-end holiday spirit
By Song Seung-hyun
Hong Ji-young’s romantic comedy “New Year Blues” was originally set to reach viewers during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. But like many other movies last year, it had to delay its release schedule due to COVID-19.


“To be honest I am rather grateful (and not regretful). This release makes me feel like we have one more holiday. I am thankful that we can release our film amid COVID-19,” Hong said Monday during a press conference at Lotte Cinema in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.


The movie follows four couples during the seven days before New Year’s Day.


“When making a film with many protagonists with their stories, I think diversity is the key concept that should be considered,” Hong said.


Hong’s movie depicts Paralympic athlete trainer Hyo-young (Yoo In-na), who wants to get divorced. She asks for a week of personal protection from police officer Ji-ho (Kim Kang-woo), who has been divorced for four years.


Jin-ah (Lee Yeon-hee) is a part-time worker who cannot even get a weeklong holiday without being scolded by her boss. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Jin-ah decides to go on a spontaneous trip to Argentina, where she meets Jae-heon (Yoo Yeon-seok), who moved to Argentina because he was exhausted from working in Korea.


“I felt a sense of freedom,” Lee Yeon-hee said during the press conference when asked about the footage from Argentina. “Iguazu Falls looked refreshing.” She added that she hoped viewers could get vicarious pleasure from watching the movie.


Yong-chan (Lee Dong-hwi) and his Chinese girlfriend, Yao Lin (Chen Duling), are about to get married. Although Yong-chan’s sister Yong-mi (Yum Hye-ran) was frustrated by the language barrier when communicating with Yao Lin, everything was fine until Yong-chan’s employee embezzled all his money and run away.


Paralympic snowboarder Rae-hwan (Yoo Teo) proposes to his girlfriend, O-wol (Sooyoung). What seemed like a perfect relationship slowly falls apart after Rae-hwan signs a contract with a new agency. “This is the first time that I saw script with a Paralympic player as the protagonist,” Yoo Teo said when explaining why he decided to take on the role. As an ex-basketball player who had to change his career path due to injury, Yoo Teo said he tried hard to understand the character as much as possible. “I could assume some part of his emotion. But still, I thought that it is not easy for me to fully understand what Paralympic players are like,” Yoo Teo added.


Source: KoreaHerald




Some promotional stuff that YYS did . He and Lee Yeon Hee were one of the couples



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