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A Love So Beautiful (아름다웠던우리에게) - Kim Yo Han & So Ju Yeon [2020-2021]


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Korean Title: 아름다웠던우리에게

**Remake of a Chinese drama of the same name. Want to watch? You can watch on Netflix

Airdate Schedule - December 28, 2020 - February 20, 2021 (Mon, Thurs, Sat)

Episodes - 24 (20 mins.)

Channel - KakaoTV 

Where Can I watch? Netflix will be subbing this



Cha Heon is a student at Chun Ji High School who has both good looks and brains. He appears to be a cold character, but he is actually someone with a warm heart who is awkward at expressing himself well.
Shin Sol Yi is a bright and bubbly 17-year-old who has a crush on Cha Heon. She openly confesses her love to Cha Heon continuously, and she is a clumsy but lovable character.
Woo Dae Sung is a talented swimmer who transfers to Chun Ji High School and falls for Shin Sol Yi. He does not express his feelings for her and quietly stays by her side.






Kim Yo Han - Cha Heon 



So Ju Yeon - Shin So Yi 



Yeo Hoe Hyun - Woo Dae Sung 


Supporting Cast  

Jo Hye Joo - Kang Ha Young

Jung Jin Hwan - Jin Hwan 

Yang Yoo Jin - Seo Ji Soo 

Park Ji Won - Hee Ji 





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Here's a cute photo of them:



I only watched the first few minutes of the original version but I know it was really popular. My friend talked about it quite a bit back when it aired. I don't know Kim Yo Han other than he was in that idol group competition. I do like So Ju Yeon, her relationship with Park Min Jae in Dr. Romantic 2 was cute. 

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It helps that each episode is only 20 minutes long so it didn't required too much of my time. I thought the first episode was cute. Sol-I's rap was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing -- is that how regular people sound like when they rap? Maybe not so much, I wouldn't have the rhythm for such thing. Haha! I also appreciate all of her friends standing up for her when that teacher decided to read her "love letter" out loud. 


So Ju Yeon is so cute, absolutely adore her. 


Some comparison between the original and the Korean version:





Was this how we all felt in high school minus the boys not looking half as cute as Kim Yo Han too? Haha!


Some photos the cast took:




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I never finished the original version but if it's anything like this Korean version, I can see why I didn't finish. Considering that each episode was only about 20 minutes long, I still found parts of it to be really frustrating. I think I watched up to episode 5 or 6 and then skipped to the last remaining episodes. I don't think you need to watch the whole thing to know what's going on because I didn't and I was able to catch on to what had happened. 


I enjoyed watching Jin Hwan's and Ha Young's relationship blossom. Watching Jin Hwan's scenes were fun, I really liked his character. Overall, all the actors/actresses were super adorable and I very much enjoyed the behind the scenes interaction between them. 

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