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Ru : Taiwan Express [2020]

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🚄 Native Title: 路(ルウ)~台湾エクスプレス~ 🚄




Also Known As: Ru: Taiwan Ekusupuresu

Genres: Business, Romance, Life

Tags: Multiple Storyline, Intercountry Romance, Train, Second Chance, Adapted From A Novel (Vote or add tags)

Country: Japan

Type: Drama

Episodes: 3


Cast :

Aaron Yan - Eric Ryu

Haru - Tada Haruka


🚅 Trailer 🚅 :



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Review :


This drama is another gem that people might miss, as it seems not much publication on it, and the poster looked so simple. 


I think this drama can be categorized as business drama mixed with romance and in slice of life format. The drama have a quiet & down to earth theme to it. 


The female lead Haruka Tada visited Taiwan during her university time. She was lost and get helped by Eric. He also showed her around Taiwan. Before she went back, he gave her his number. But she lost it. During 6 years they separated, Haruka often went back to Taiwan, in the hope of finding him. 


The time set to 1999, the present Haruka working on project of Japan - Taiwan shinkansen and the company send her to Taiwan. While Eric himself is now working as architect in Japanese company. The current Haruka also already have boyfriend. The 3 episodes also have background story of Haruka's colleague, how's the progress of the shinkansen project, some villagers short love story and also grandpa with his own historical story of being 'wansei'. 


In the light of modern times, where love often being made in instant, I appreciate this drama give a strong message that love will prevail with preserverance, no matter how long & how far the distance is. 


Aaron Yan speaking English, Japanese, and Mandarin is a bonus. And the rest of the cast also pretty good with English. As multinational projects, I think the drama doing well on get the message across, also with the high speed reel Taiwan to be made as the pride of Taiwanese. 


Acting : 9

Story : 9

Rating : 9 


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  • 1 month later...

@KaizenWarm welcome here. Not sure if you have watched this short Taiwan drama? Its a bit of quiet drama type, but I love the simple storyline & Aaron Yan's acting on it. 


Here is the review drama section. If you have old/finish aired "Other Drama" (non Korean) that you love, you can share your opinion here. 


Please continue hang around here haha... Im so glad you came, this section is quiet & not so popular like K-drama. But we did open some thread, if you notice I've also been talking to myself in Kono Koi thread for sometimes too 🤣


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