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Wo Cai Bu Yao Dang Meng Zhu 我才不要当盟主 [2023]

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PCATqcd.jpgTitle: 我才不要当盟主 / Wo Cai Bu Yao Dang Meng Zhu
English title:
Genre: Historical, romance, school
Episodes: 24

Director: Mai Yong Lin

Broadcast network:
Broadcast period: 2022



Ao Rui Peng
Deng Chao Yuan
Zong Yuan Yuan
Si Zheng
Pu Yu Tong
Hu Cai Hong


Adapted from the novel by Zhu Wan Zhuan (洙宛传) Cang Hai Jing (沧海镜) 





Additional Links:

Weibo l Douban l Baidu

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