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Shining Like You 而你刚好发光 [2021]

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008l-Di-ELly1gvaih98fubj30u01hcwu9.jpgTitle: 而你刚好发光 / Er Ni Gang Hao Fa Guang
English title: Shining Like You
Also known as: ART ON!艺术生!/ ART ON! Yi Shu Sheng
Genre: Youth, romance, school
Episodes: 24

Director: Fu Cong (付聪)
Screenwriter: Fu Cong (付聪), Ren Yi (任艺), Yang Chao (杨超), Yang Fan (杨帆)

Broadcast network: Tencent
Broadcast period: 11th Oct 2021



Gong Jun‎ as Fang Yan
Wang Zi Xuan as Lu Qiyi
Zhou Cheng Ao as Du Ang
Ma Chun Rui as Bai Qiao
Liu Jian Yu
Chen Meng Xi
Guo Jia Yi as Hao Kaoxin
Chen Peng Wan Li as Zhang Yang
Zhong Wen Bin
Yang Zi Long as Ma Xiangyu
Zhang Bo Zhi as Luo Xiuwen
Wang Qian as Du Gaoge
Peng Bi Yao as Pao Miantou
Wang Ya Ting



Story of a girl named Lu Qiyi, who bravely works toward her dreams of entering the entertainment industry and transforms into a confident person.




Additional Links:

Weibo l Douban l Baidu

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